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  1. GhostHero182

    Homebrew FCEU GX Invalid file size error

    I tried loading a patched Fire Emblem Gaiden English rom onto FCEU GX and it said “Invalid File Size”. Is there a fix for this?
  2. GhostHero182

    Gaming Is Four Swords Adventures worth it for single player?

    (I would post this in a Gamecube board but GBAtemp doesn’t have one. So I thought I should post this here because Gamecube games work on the Wii) So I was reading the Wikipedia article on Zelda, and I realized I haven’t played Four Swords Adventures. FSA is primarily a multiplayer game, but I’d...
  3. GhostHero182

    Homebrew VBAGX save problem

    Evertime I try to save on VBAGX it says "Error opening Directory", this is bad because I want to play the Fire Emblem Binding Blade fan translation.
  4. GhostHero182

    Homebrew Nintendon’t issue

    So I tried to load some Gamecube games into Nintendon’t, but all I get is the boot GC disk in drive screen. I’ve tried using an SD card and a USB but no games show up. Anyone know what the problem is?
  5. GhostHero182

    Java emulator for IOS?

    So I’ve really been wanting to play some old Java mobile games on my iPhone. I know that Android already has an emulator for this, so I was wondering if there is one for IOS. Does anyone know of an IOS java emulator?
  6. GhostHero182

    Gaming Anyone still play Yo Kai Watch?

    When I go online, nobody seems to be on. Is this game dead? :unsure:
  7. GhostHero182

    Best Oddworld game to start with?

    I have been meaning to get into the Oddworld series. The first 2 games are on PSN. (I think). New ‘n’ Tasty is on PSN, and the Wii U eShop, also a remastered version of Munch’s Oddysee is on PSN. Which one should I buy first? Also do any of the games have a steep learning curve or are they easy...
  8. GhostHero182

    Misc Will I be able to download VC games I previously downloaded if I log in with my ID?

    I’m getting a new 3ds because my old one is broken. I know that most of my game saves would be okay, because the games save on to the cartridge. However I had a few VC games saved on my 3ds. Since my one 3ds is broken and I cannot do a system transfer, will I be able to redownload my VC games if...
  9. GhostHero182

    Homebrew Letter Bomb will not work

    Hi, I have been having trouble getting Letter Bomb to work on my wii. I have been trying this for a while now. I was using an SD card that was compatible according to Wii Brew, but it wasn't working. So I bought another SD card that is also compatible. I tried Letter Bomb once more but it would...
  10. GhostHero182

    Hacking Fake 3ds/DS flash cart websites?

    I heard about certain websites which have fake flash carts. They still work but they crash, freeze, and have Time Bombs. Could anyone tell me which flash cart websites I should avoid?
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