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    Hacking preloader.29 hacks.ini files

    hope someone finds this hands. i have recently updated to v4 and noticed that most of the hacks are missing from preloader.29 after a bit of searching, i found an updated hacks.ini file on wiibrew here i have only tested a few of the basic ones like BGM but they seem to work
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    Hacking cios36 rev 10

    hi all, does anyone know how to install cios36 rev 10 WITHOUT using th NETWORK i.e. direct from SD? cheers
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    Hacking Wii Ship - new IOS

    hi all, I have been unable to access Wii shop for a while now, so tried to run the normal IOS51 then shop update. everytime i access the ship, the wii reverts back to the main wii menu... grrrr After searching the web, i found a fix. Apparently the ship now requires IOS61 (sixety-one) to work...
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