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    ROM Hack Yu-Gi-Oh WC 2011 Over the Nexus code request

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong board to post this. [Player 1 LP 16000] (L+Up) 94000130 FDBF0000 022972F8 00003E80 0229AC94 00003E80 D2000000 00000000 Credit goes to Yami_Shiki over at gamefaqs. I was wondering if anyone who knows this stuff could make or find an opponent equivalent for me...
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    Homebrew Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star trading event chips

    Never mind then. I have done it! With Nitrohax!
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    Homebrew Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star trading event chips

    The alternative is I could transfer my save from my Desmume to my DS cartridge, how do I do that?
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    Homebrew Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star trading event chips

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread, if it is, please move and don't delete. Thanks. So I got RM EXE OS for my R4. Inserted the "all battle chips" and "Forte/Burai chips" cheat. Had some easy fun with the game. So much that I bought a legal copy. So obviously since I don't live in Japan, I...
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    ROM Hack Yu-Gi-Oh Nightmare Troubadour limit/forbidden lift hack.

    Is there a way I can achieve this? I've searched around but to no avail. I want to play the game while being able to use 3 of each semi-limited/limited/forbidden cards. Something that wasn't implemented until the later games. I would imagine just editing the game so that it allows you to use 3...
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    ROM Hack Pokémon Blaze Black 2 & Volt White 2

    It's slightly outdated. For example, Victini can now learn Bolt Strike and Blue Fire. I wonder if there will be an update that includes that. And another difficult request, is it possible to put back the theme from the second gym from the Japanese version?
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    Gaming Pokemon Platinum enhanced.

    No, what I'm asking is: Will his end-team (other Pokemon, not Beldum) change based on your starter?
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    Gaming Pokemon Platinum enhanced.

    The current version is 1.5. It's been like that for a while. Anyway, I know that my rival's starter is always a Beldum. What I want to know is: Does his final team change based on your starter at the beginning of the game, or is it all the same? EDIT: Okay, I probably asked the wrong board...
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