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    Homebrew Which 3ds save game manager to use?

    Haven't been around to keep up to date on save game backups. Saw that jksm might not need the filter.txt anymore so might be more useful for me now. I'm seeing JKSM and checkpoint now as options. What are people using and the pros and cons of them? If there is any others you can mention them too.
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    Hacking using b9s and gateway together

    Currently on A9LH 11.2 with luma and chain loading into gateway emunand on 11.2. Havent used the system in a little while, but i use luma for games i want to go online with and gateway emunand because i like to mess around with the cheat editor. Would like to stick around with gateway until cfw...
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    Homebrew a9lh black screen

    Was on the a9lh step of the guide section IV step 3. I had booted into 9.2 from my backup and went to system update it froze on this screen with music still playing i had to turn it off. I can load into lum3ds menu and hourglass by holding start or select, but if im holding nothing it wont boot...
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    Homebrew a9lH luma formating

    i have sysnand a9lh luma and gateway emunand but loading between them will wrap all my games from what i read it means my sysnand and emunand are linked. Formatting sysnand seems to be the solution but is that safe to do on sysnand and not lose a9lh? I currently dont have a nnid link linked to...
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    Hacking A9lh+luma sys+GW emu

    I ordered an extra sd so i can have space to install games to the sd. So in preperation i was wondering how to setup my console to have A9Lh boot into luma sysnand and GW emunand. I have a 4.5 sysnand that im currently booting into 11.2 gw emunand with mset so i can extract this emunand and...
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    Homebrew setting up oothax save on a 4.5 console

    I'm on 4.5 sysnand with a gateway card emunand up to 11 (have savedatafiler if its even useful here). Trying to set up oothax for a friend on a 10.6 console so they can downgrade. What is the easiest way for me to get the oothax save on the cartridge?
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    Hacking Plailect guide clarification

    In Plailect guide to update to 9.2 from below 9 it says use and it has this chart with this explanation "The numbers in the body of the chart refer to the last number of your version (which corresponds to the browser version installed to the...
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    Hacking Best way to get an unencrypted save from a card?

    I have a 4.5 o3ds with 10.5 gateway emunand. I have savedatafiler but in gateway classic the ctr is broken for the card. Trying to get a save from the card and edit it and put it back on the card. Game is final fantasy explorers trying to enable the dlc flag.
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    ROM Hack pokemon shuffle mega candies editing?

    Anyone found how to change the number of mega candies in Pokemon Shuffle? Either through ARcode or save editing. I tried 4 ram dumps but the addresses i got from cheat engine scan didnt work out. Edit: editing info i found to main post "I found the candies at offset 2D4C. They are stored as...
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    ROM Hack cia to 3ds conversion help

    Trying to get a 3ds file for citizens of earth update v1.1.0. This game is weird and with the update you had to redownload and install the entire game and wasn't a regular update file. It was just released as a cia so i was wondering what ways i had available to use it to get myself a 3ds file...
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    ROM Hack Questions on save editing

    Ive extracted saves from Persona Q, Devils Survivor overclocked (and im assuming ill have the same issue with devil survivor 2 record breaker) and just trying to simply hex edit the amount of cash i have in those games but changing it corrupts the save. Is it a checksum or some other form of...
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