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  1. intelminer

    Hacking ReiNAND settings menu question

    So, I got a lovely new Pokemon n3DS I've finally got it set up with ReiNAND and everything, however I've hit an...interesting problem (or likely a hilariously 'noob' question) When ever I enter the Settings menu in the EmuNAND, then exit, it goes back to the SysNAND instead I've held off...
  2. intelminer

    Homebrew Browserhax 9.2 issues?

    So, I'm not sure if this is 100% in the right sub-forum for the issue I'm having, but I went ahead and downgraded my O3DS to 9.2 using sysUpdater, however now I'm "stuck" for lack of a better term For some reason every time I try to run Browserhax, it freezes for a few moments before the...
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