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  1. PSxed

    Hardware Joy Con ZL tactile switch specs

    Can anyone tell me the specs of the tactile switch on a ZL trigger in the left joy con? I bought a complete replacement part, but the tactile switch on the replacement is nowhere near the feel of the original. I have to press twice as hard to make it register and it's a really loud click. I've...
  2. PSxed

    Hacking Question Updating legit cart games with a perm offline switch?

    My Nintendo Switch has been running on ReiNX and was never connected to any wifi nor it ever will be. I still regularly buy games but i was wondering if it's possible to update them? Do i have to use a cdn downloader or something to get the latest update of a game?
  3. PSxed

    Hacking Tranfer Sky3DS save to CIA game?

    I just bought a 9.0 N3DS which is running Reinand now. I played Yoshi's New Island on the Sky3ds and converted that rom to a cia game. Now i would like to transfer the save from the Sky3DS and use it in the cia game. I tried different methods using savedatafiler but i can't seem to get it...
  4. PSxed

    Hardware New 3DS case

    I've been searching quite some time for a decent case for my new 3DS (small version). There seem to be mostly XL cases and a very few small size cases. The new 3DS is a bit larger then the classic small 3ds right? So cases for the old model won't probably fit. I really like the SFbags...
  5. PSxed

    Hacking Softmod or modchip?

    I recently bought a wii again to play some of my backlog games again. I would like to mod it now for emulation purposes and to play some imports. I've been reading quite alot and it seems everyone is softmodding the wii. The answer that i can't really find (or the info is really outdated), is...
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