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    Hacking Writing Software

    i need a name of agood writing software asoon as possible im realy hurry!!!
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    Gaming Multiplayer Games..

    are they any games that using the multiplayer system like the pc is using? i mean that there are Host game or Join game and a list with games that are now playing and you can join them like that.... (like in counter strike or battlefield on the pc)
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    Hacking GBA games on slot 1?

    is there any way to play gba games on slot 1 in the ds?
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    Hacking Extra Ram Quastion

    I want to play runescape but there is no java browser and the win2ds FPS are low so can i buy ram slot 2 or somthing to make it more fps or is there any new version that coming out? or any new browser with java? somthing?
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    Hacking Movie Player

    Im looking for an good movie player that i can control the video like in the pc/dvd i had moonshell but there was no option of that so i didnt liked it...
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    Gaming Ninja Gaiden Save

    I had an save file chapter 7 that damaged so any one got any close save file for it (chapter3-8) or something im pretty despred so il take anything that not the whole game
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    Hacking Ds MEnu

    Is there any good ds menu that acekard support ?
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