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    Tutorial How to setup Atmosphere EmuMMC

    The tutorial is more like If the moderator by any chance to come here, could you please change the title? Thanks. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED There is always at least a risk to get you banned or unlikely to brick your Switch. YOU'RE AT YOUR OWN RISK I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES OR BAN...
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    Tutorial [TUT] Dealing with NAND/ EMUNAND safely

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED This tutorial will give you useful information on how to deal with NAND/ EMUNAND safely. 99% be safe to follow this tutorial but bear in mind that there is always at least a risk to brick your Switch. > Make a backup/ copy of NAND and/or EMUNAND before doing anything...
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    Tutorial How to setup Emunand/ keep Sysnand online

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Aiming of having Emunand in this topic is to max out Sysnand to play online while Emunand stays offline IF YOUR SYSTEM WAS BANNED YOU'D STOP READING FROM HERE > DO NOT check whether you're got banned yet by connecting to the Internet or so. There is always at least a risk...
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    Hacking [POC] How to spoof your own activated act.dat

    Hi there, This is just a POC but it works perfectly for running Adrenaline. Thanks to [email protected] for initial research of the MLTactivator You need offzip to extract zip parts from spoof.skprx and packzip to zip. Investigate spoof.skprx There are three parts of zip content in spoof.skprx...
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    Hacking Looking for dsbuild

    Hi guys, I'm looking for dsbuild to convert ds homebrew to ds.gba to launch on EZFlash IV DS mode. If you guys still have one please upload or help me out a similar way to do. Thanks.
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    Hacking MicroSD that loads Launcher.dat using Zelda OoT3D on Sky3DS

    Hi, Could you guys here please list your working MicroSD that you've successfully loaded the Launcher.dat 3.1 using Zelda OoT3D on Sky3DS? I'm with New 3DS - AUS/PAL and I'm using the scene dump with the savedata here...
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    Hacking [Q] Personal dump of Super Smash Bros AU won't work with Sky3DS

    Hi there, It's Australia version so there is no template for it yet (SHA-1 checksum is different with the current one in template). The question is, has anyone got it to work on Sky3DS yet? Thanks.
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    Tutorial [Tutorial] SaveData/Powersaves Retail Pokemon ORAS/XY on Sky3DS

    Requirements: - An exploited 3DS 4.5-9.2 - Sky3DS Flashcart - Powersaves 3DS - Retail gamecard Pokemon ORAS/XY - Gateway ROM Patcher - Sky3DS Template Maker 1/ Dump retail gamecard Run exploit using either DS Profile (4.5-) or GO (9.2-) and load Gateway launcher.dat from 3DS's SD card (No...
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    Hacking A new skin for YSMenu-R4 from VN

    Hi guys! Now's the time to forget about new R4's kernel and try to turn on YSMenu and enjoy my new skin! Download: Have a cool day!
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