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  1. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Snes9x RX - A new fork.

    Mostly 680x500, with some exceptions for Super Famicom artwork sourced from a different place. It's been a few years since I grabbed them, but i'm pretty sure they were explicitly made for SNES9X. Probably wouldn't hurt to halve the image resolution though and see what happens.
  2. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Snes9x RX - A new fork.

    Whenever I scroll through the list of games in SNES9XRX 4.9.0, one of two things will happen: A softlock, where preview images won't display, but I am able to scroll through the list of games and select a game, or "settings" or the "exit" button (at which point the system becomes unresponsive...
  3. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Cannonball Wii (standalone port) - Edit Controls

    Is there a way to change the gearshift button to a less awkward button when you are using a Gamecube controller? The default mapping where shift is set to Z is an unwieldy default choice (rear-end a truck? quick! move your thumb all the way from a comfortable resting place on the big green...
  4. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Exult Wii : Ultima VII game engin

    It's not that the cursor controls are jerky, it is just a constant drift to the top left. The behavior isn't happening with a nunchuck plugged in, and it is working perfectly with the gamecube controller. I'm pretty certain that there must be something wrong with my right analog stick though...
  5. TheManHimself

    Homebrew GBA Emulator with real-time clock support

    I am trying to get the Pokemon hack Radical Red to run on Wii, but I haven't been able to get the real-time clock to work. I have the newest releases of standalone mGba and VBAGX, as well as the core versions for both in Retroarch. Is there a GBA emulator on the system that supports real-time...
  6. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Exult Wii : Ultima VII game engin

    I'm having an issue with the classic controller. Whenever I am in dialog with an NPC, have my stats screen displayed, or set the cursor to activate mode, the right joystick mouse cursor constantly drifts to the top left of the screen. It stops moving whenever I press the confirm button, but it...
  7. TheManHimself

    Tutorial How to make a Homebrew Channel Theme.

    I've been messing around with making a custom theme, and I've run into a snag. When I first made a theme from scratch it reverted to the basic HBC theme. My art assets are all correctly formatted, flattened, and saved as .png files in GIMP, and are smaller in size than the ones in the reference...
  8. TheManHimself

    Homebrew WiiSX RX - A new fork.

    I remember being underwhelmed by Wiisx years ago, and I usually make eboots for the PSTV to spare the ware on my collection, but this RX fork piqued my curiosity. I ripped my King's Field CD and it's running at a more consistent framerate than on hardware, which always catches me off guard (in a...
  9. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Nintendont Controller.ini Location?

    I'm trying to use a remap a Dualshock 4. I've read 2 different stories on how you are supposed to name the .ini file: first option is SD/controllers/05C4_054C.ini second is SD/controllers/Controller. Also a bunch of different sources saying to put the .ini on the root. None of these options are...
  10. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Large NeoGeo games support and CPS3 tests

    @Wiimpathy I've gone through Every stage in KOF 2003, and haven't encountered any slowdown other than during Blue Mary's winning animation on the Train level (probably just a one-off thing), so all in all, pretty solid already. I just started Slug 3, and there is still a slight frame drop when...
  11. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Large NeoGeo games support and CPS3 tests

    Sure. I'll start with the KoFs first, but I'll have to brush up on the branching level routes in Metal Slug 3 so I can do a thorough sweep. If anybody here is more knowledgeable about MS feel free to go for it haha. [edit] KOF 2000 Every level played, no frame drops on any stage. So far so...
  12. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Large NeoGeo games support and CPS3 tests

    Carried over from another thread (sorry for any confusion) ( "@Wiimpathy said: You mean you couldn't start any games in any of the stable official Retroarch from there : If so that's...
  13. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Mame 2003 Plus

    Let me jump over to the other thread so I don't derail MAME 2003 with Neo-Geo talk haha. I'm pretty sure I have V6 though. I'll have to double check. I know a while back there was some slowdown on the waterfall stage, but that was fixed with v4. I don't remember reading any posts about Terry...
  14. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Mame 2003 Plus

    Alright I've edited the .info files, and MAME 03 is now working! I got a code dump when I tried to play LB2, Garou, and KoF 98 (and SF III Third Strike, and JoJo), so I couldn't tell you about the latest Retroarch build haha. I used the custom cores from my old RA folder until I realized that...
  15. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Mame 2003 Plus

    Just during the opening animation, especially with Kaede's sword flash. I mean the game runs like money; it's a super minor thing haha. I really do play that game too much: I don't know why the demo movie stutter is important to me, but it's just one of those thngs I guess That being said I get...
  16. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Mame 2003 Plus

    Having trouble finding your lightgun builds. The latest version of MAME in this thread is the v.4, and I'm not seeing anything on your github. Any chance for a link? [edit] Is there a way to make individual .info files out of the single MAME 03 plus .info in /retroarch-wii/info folder? Like if...
  17. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Mame 2003 Plus

    I just updated Retroarch from 1.7.6 to 1.8.5 (btw, perceivable performance gains in Last Blade 2, running off of your VM FBA!), and when I try to open an archive with one of the MAME 03 cores selected, it puts up a list of other suggested cores, excluding the option for use current core. I know...
  18. TheManHimself

    Homebrew Analog Deadzone in QRevPak

    Is there a way to adjust the analog dead zone in QRevPak? I don't see any options in the quake interface itself, nor anything that seems to work in the .ini file. What seems to be a negligible (meaning the most minute pressure adjustment counters it) amount of joystick drift on my classic...
  19. TheManHimself

    Hacking Final-HE unable to connect to PSTV

    My PSTV is running at version 3.73, and I have the latest release of Final H-Encore. When I go to content manager, the Vita detects my computer, but whenever I try to register the device it gives me the error "The network connection has been lost." Didn't think I would hit a wall so early into...
  20. TheManHimself

    Hacking Rebuilding SD Card for an already Brewed DS. Stack Error when setting up Homebrew Launcher

    Bwhaha I was on autopilot and threw the boot.3dsx into the 3ds directory and not the root. /facepalm
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