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  1. Phearoz

    Danganronpa S without online?

    I found out yesterday, and sadly, that the game is rife with microtransactions for the purchase of new cards. Figured you could earn these as you go, and you still can but excruciatingly slow. Does anyone have these unlocked yet or a cheat for higher currency drop? I figure if you can buy them...
  2. Phearoz

    Core Danganronpa team reunites for Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE

    Gives me major AI: The Somnium Files vibes. It's 100% not a VN in the traditional sense (if you saw the trailer), but coming from these guys I'd be surprised if there was any action/rpg gameplay.
  3. Phearoz

    GBAtemp Exclusive Metal Gear Solid 2 20th anniversary retrospective

    Thanks for writing Chary, and it is crazy that it's been 20 years.... Article too short though!
  4. Phearoz

    Mario Party Superstars has leaked online nearly a week ahead of its release

    At least with Mario Party there isn't anything to be spoiled on.
  5. Phearoz

    Hacking Found SX Chip

    Is the sx chip the only way to unlock a switch still? I haven't checked the hacking scene for it in a couple years.
  6. Phearoz

    Rumor Insider report claims that Sony has delayed Horizon Forbidden West to 2022

    You are either blind or an apologist, because that opinion is absurd. Who are you kidding? She looks gross in the new one man. Makes me think of a keyboard warrior Karen.
  7. Phearoz

    Devolver Digital E3 2021 press conference - roundup

    Phantom Abyss looks so awesome. *Fingers - crossed*
  8. Phearoz

    Xbox and PC exclusive cyberpunk action-RPG 'The Ascent' gets release date

    I'm not much of a gun game fan but damn, this looks good.
  9. Phearoz

    Gaming Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir - - Please help!! Stuck within first 5 minutes.

    Without spoiling anything, I'm at the cliffside trying to talk but cannot seem to make anything happen. I've magnified every inch seemingly and nothing. Any ideas? Can't find even the original walkthrough. All I'm getting over and over and over is "This place feels....desolate." Edit: After...
  10. Phearoz

    Dai Gyakuten Saiban to be localized officially as The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

    Are you going to replay them all with the new translation? My guess yes!
  11. Phearoz

    Dai Gyakuten Saiban to be localized officially as The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

    ... These two are made with Shu Takumi as director, just as the original 3, if that means anything to you.
  12. Phearoz

    Open-source Symbian and Nokia N-Gage emulator "EKA2L1" releases on Android

    Neat! Are there worthwhile games exclusive to the N-gage though? I thought it was all crappy ports....
  13. Phearoz

    ROM Hack The Great Ace Attorney 2 - Episode 1+2 English Patch Released

    Awesome. Thanks for the reply! Looking forward.
  14. Phearoz

    ROM Hack The Great Ace Attorney 2 - Episode 1+2 English Patch Released

    This is the only WIP translation I'm following right now and I absolutely loved Scarlet Study's work on DGS1. Thanks again. My question is: so on the page releasing these 2 episodes it says you're looking for new translators? Does that mean we could expect another long wait between releases...
  15. Phearoz

    Unpopular food opinions?

    Most horrible food opinions I hear come from people who are unwilling to try new things.
  16. Phearoz

    Gaming What are the best 3DS games in your opinion ?

    Ace Attorney might be my favorite video game series. My Favorite being Trials and Tribulations (included in the collection) although Spirit of Justice is excellent. Dual Destinies is great too (the DLC episode taking the cake ^,^) Best 3DS games imo - Monster Hunter - Rune Factory 4 - I've...
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