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  1. kennypu

    Hacking Current status of 3DS hacking?

    Hey, can any one give me a quick update on the status of 3DS hacking currently? I've been out of the scene for a while so I don't anything, lol. Anything from if any 3DS flashcarts are on the way (to play 3DS games, not regular flashcarts), or technical stuff like exploits, etc. Thanks
  2. kennypu

    Hacking trying to install new cIOS and i'm getting ret = 2 errors

    hey, I was trying to update my cIOS using the cIOS Installer Xr20b. I do have the necessary WAD file, its in the root of the SD, but when I go through the menu's and choose the one to get WAD file from SD, it comes up with an ERROR (Ret =2). I was wondering what this means? Is it saying that it...
  3. kennypu


    hey guys, I was just wondering: is there a thread here, or a site somewhere else that shows all the games the universal child play patch supports, and shows when it is updated? The only info we always get is that it is credited to rudolph, but from where? If anybody knows detail, please share...
  4. kennypu

    new moonshell

    I noticed the homebrew stuff has been slacking :3. anyways for the news: Moonshell version 2.09 stable has been released, as well as 2.10 beta.9
  5. kennypu

    Hacking DSi problem

    I was wondering if anybody had a similar problem to mine and has fixed it. Basicly I know the cause is probably because I disassembled my DSi multiple times, but basicly, I have to push the power button several times for it to turn on, and when it turns off, instead of the usual 'hold a little'...
  6. kennypu


    Nintendo has announced that they will be making a whole new pokemon version (another one!!? yes). It will have a whole set of different pokemons, takes place in a different land, with different features than before. It will be for the DS. Other than that nothing is yet much known. When more...
  7. kennypu

    Hacking I want your guy's opinions

    Hey guys, I was thinking of getting another flashcart, and I wanted one that is DSi compatible, and supports RTS(real time save). I was looking at the iTouch2 or EZ Flash Vi, so if one of those two are top notch then I would like to know which is better. If you think any other card is worth a...
  8. kennypu

    Have a twitter? I need your help!!

    hey fellow gbatemp members :3. I just had a quick favor if you have a twitter account. I'll appreciate it a lot if you would RT this post. I'll just include the RT in the post so you guys can just copy and paste and it'll be no hassle. Feel free to follow me on twitter too, and i'll follow you...
  9. kennypu

    Gaming GTA:CW multiplayer

    hey, i was wondering if anybody experienced a multiplayer problem where you and a friend ARE able to connect, but soon as the game begins, it says "error, connection lost with other player" (or something like that)? The interested thing is, every now and then after we try a million times, it...
  10. kennypu

    Gaming puyo puyo 7 problem

    Hello guys. quite a minor problem, and I don't really need to know it, but I was just curious; in story mode, after you beat certain people it seems that you 'unlock' them, and when you play it seems as though you can select them in the character select screen. but no matter what I push, I can't...
  11. kennypu

    Gaming New Japanese DSi Update!! DSi Browser too

    A different post was talking about a DSi browser update, so to go check up on it, I went on DSishop, and they told me to update my DSi. Sooo as I get more info on it, I will post the new features. This is what happened so far(and probobly the only thing): DSi Camera App has feature to UPLOAD TO...
  12. kennypu

    Gaming Anti Piracy on Sloane to MacHale no Nazo no Story?

    Hey, My mom was playing Sloane to MacHale no Nazo no Story, and complained that the game goes back to the level select menu when trying to answer question 2. I quickly thought about anti-piracy. Is there any cheats or patch released for this yet? Thanks in advance, Ken
  13. kennypu

    Hacking DSi, bottom screen fuzzy

    Hey, I will probobly solve the problem by the time i get an answer, but just incase any body has had an similar experience. My L and R button has very bad response, so to fix the problem whethers its the button being loose or some dust, I decided to disassemble my DSi (i've taken apart many...
  14. kennypu

    Gaming Nintendo installing new systems for their games

    I read today from here: (japanese site) that nintendo will be incorporating a new system in their games that will allow beginners to skip challenging parts in a game. Since the google's translation sucks, I will give my own...
  15. kennypu

    Hacking DSi Flashcart sellers

    Hey, I was wondering if any1 knows of any trustworthy sellers that sell DSi flashcarts besides DealExtreme. Preferably Japanese seller would be nice, since I am in japan right now, and things will be easier. Thanks.
  16. kennypu

    Gaming Dragon Quest IX New Trailer

    Sorry if someone posted, but I doubt it. Anyways theres a new trailer for DQIX, for all of you DQ fans(including myself). It was shown at the Tokyo Game Show, and the video was uploaded for people who didn't get to go. You can view it here: click on the white box. Btw, if you...
  17. kennypu

    Gaming DSi Pre-Order War

    right now(when i'm posting this), there is a pre-order war going on at . Bunch of people around Japan are accessing that site freezing it up :3. I went to go bother people trying to pre-order too. very crazy. So when the DSi is announced here, do you think such war will rage...
  18. kennypu

    Gaming pokemon platinum file size

    Hey, my platinum was acting weird so I re-extracted(too lazy to re-dl), and the first one was 100mb, this new one is 128mb. I'm guessing its fine now, but just to make sure whats the file size of platinum? thanks in advance, Ken
  19. kennypu

    Gaming pokemon platinum anti-piracy

    Hey, I'm real sorry if theres another thread mentioning it(i'm guessing there might be something about it in the plat. thread right now), but I'm guessing it has anti-piracy on it? because for me atleast, even if I save after I get my first pokemon, and go to the city where the professor is...
  20. kennypu

    Gaming jp wii channels on english wii?

    Hey, I have a quick question. Theres a lot of wii ware and such that is exclusive to japanese channels. Is there a way, without buying a japanese wii console, whether its a hack or not, to download japanese wii ware and channels? thanks. Ken
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