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    ROM Hack Can't read sd card data after GW format emunand...

    This is what i done 1.New 3DSLL 10.3-28J downgraded to 9.1 2.selected Pasta and installed ThemeHax 3.install DevMENU(but doesn't show up on home menu after install) 4.BACKed UP SYSNAND in GW menu(without GW card) 5.backed up all 3DS SD card data to PC 6.FORMATed EMUNAND in GW menu(without GW...
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    Hacking can i buy some digital game after installed gateway firmware?

    can i buy some thing on eshop without emunand after i installed gateway firmware ? 3DS ware,free trial,free ware,digital game, etc. if i can, when i buy it in emunand, sysnand will also have same game or not? or i need buy it in sysnand?
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    Hacking How to do the system transfer without 9.3 upadte?

    I have a 3DS XL Original 9.2, and i bought gateway last week, waiting the 9.2 support firmware, now i want to buy a new 3ds XL, i will need to transfer my game data to that new one, but now the 9.3 is online, if i want to do the system transfer, system will tell me update to 9.3, and i will...
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