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    Hacking Question Quesiton about Atmosphere on 12.1.0

    I have been running my switch on SXOS for a very long time, and finally decided to switch over to atmosphere. It looks like i picked a bad timing with switch just updating Is there any problems with updating to 12.1.0 and running atmosphere? Or is everything up and running fine. Thanks for...
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    Hacking Discussion Possibly a good platform for launcher?

    Saw on ebay an "Wireless Storage Sony Universal Power Bank Battery" - It appears to have a USB to computer looking at pics, and enough power to do a wireless server, and even a 2200 MAH battery that would last a long time as a payload loader. Does...
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    Hacking Discussion Possibly a good platform for a dongle.

    This might be a little overkill but if someone has the coding knowledge I think it would be great. There are a few versions out there but if you went with ESP32 project you could have a device that accepts batteries and has buttons hopefull allowing to select what to load. Here is one example...
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    Hacking NX Loader - Help with Failed ot set new payload

    I am trying to get NX Loader to work on LGLS740 android phone I had laying around. I am trying to select the team-xecuter SX Loader 1.0 but am having no luck each time it say's it failed to set payload. Below is a screenshot any help is much appreciated.
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    Hacking Question Question for someone with SX OS Pro and that bought OS during wait for pro

    My pro is still on pre-order status so have not been able see the device or use it. I did go ahead and buy OS only and install it during my wait. And am wondering how the pre-loaded license works on Pro device. I was wondering since I already have license can I get license off PRO device? Or...
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    Hacking Discussion Video of someone using raspberry pi zero to boot SX OS

    I watched with google translating so I could have missed some thing's. But the video show's a RPI zero being used to send payload to switch on bootup. I don't have a the proper cable adapter to get to usb C to test this. But if this does work as shown great option for 5 dollars who...
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