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  1. beautifulbeast

    Hacking Birthday start up sound

    My birthday was yesterday and, when I started my NDS, the usual sound that happens on the start up (you know, like some bells or something) was slightly different, like on a higher note or something. I was on the subway and I had to restart the NDS to hear it again because I wasn't sure if I had...
  2. beautifulbeast

    Sonic Unleashed, First Screencaps

    Look what I just found in GayGamer: The article says there's still no word about the platform(s) or release date, but it looks a lot like that game Sonic and the Secret Rings so my money is on Wii and then maybe XBox 360 and PS3 too. Not that I care since I'm yet to play a good 3D Sonic...
  3. beautifulbeast

    Misc Geometry Wars: Galaxies - Wi-Fi Multiplayer

    I recently discovered the game (wich I absolutely love) and I'm going nuts trying to find the option to play online. When I choose to host or find a game I never get that green icon telling you if it finds a Wi-Fi connection available and rather it seems to be searching for local Wi-Fi (NDS to...
  4. beautifulbeast

    Misc Best setup in Linux

    I Want to use the Wifi connection from my computer using Linux and, more specifically, Ubuntu. The thing is I bought a dongle (not the official one by Nintendo but one with a Zydas chipset) that can't work in Master Mode/AP in Linux and forces me to switch to Windows everytime so I guess it's...
  5. beautifulbeast

    Gaming Pokèmon - evoloution in a trade

    Alright, after complaining about all the fuss with the Pokèmon games and that stuff, I finally got addicted to it and I'm loving it. The thing is that I'm relatively new to the trading system and therefore can't explain something that happened to me this morning: I traded my Kadabra (the one you...
  6. beautifulbeast

    Hacking Memory slot broken. Can it be fixed?

    Ok, no one panic but I think my R4 is broken: everytime I try insert the memory card back into it's place it doesn't "click" anymore and springs back up so I can't use it anymore. Has anyone ever had this happened to them and can it be fixed? (please, tell me it can). Thanks.
  7. beautifulbeast

    Hacking EZ-Flash and Linux

    I've been considering the possibility of getting a EZ-Flash to play GBA games in my NDS Lite + R4, but always get lost among the different options and because it seems like all of them require you to install some kind of client on Windows and I use Linux (and wouldn't get back to Windows for...
  8. beautifulbeast

    PS1/2 I need a good PS2 mod forum

    I recently bought a second hand PS2 in eBay with Swap Magic but haven't been able to make it work and the guy I got it from doesn't want to give me my money back, so I'm looking for the best and cheapest way to make it work. If something like this ever happened to me with a GBA or NDS I know...
  9. beautifulbeast

    Misc Create hot spot with Linux

    Does anyone know how to configure a hot spot in Linux. I already have the usb dongle (not the official one, but a chip one) and the drivers installed, I know the dongle works properly 'cause I can detect other's networks from my pc, but my NDS doesn't "see" me and I guess I have to configure a...
  10. beautifulbeast

    Gaming Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles [TRAILER]

    We had seen the screeenshots now we also have a trailer. The gameplay looks a little like Final Fantasy meets Zelda, wich is a good thing. Enjoy.
  11. beautifulbeast

    Gaming Next Kingdom Hearts coming for NDS!!

    Remember the trailer I posted a while ago for what was supposed to be KH3 trailer? Well, some big guy at Squeenix just stated that the game is a spin-off in the series that explains what King Mickey was doing during his ausence and how he got his Keyblade. The big news is he says the game will...
  12. beautifulbeast

    Gaming Pick my new NDS game (I'm lazy)

    I just beat Final Fantasy III and I need something easy to recover myself from the efforts of going through such a crappy storyline. Could you guys recommend me something easy and classic? My new game has to meet these conditions: 1. A game you can actually complete as opposite to these games...
  13. beautifulbeast

    Gaming Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates screenshot love

    And we thought FF3 was beautiful... Read the entire article here:
  14. beautifulbeast

    Gaming Phoenix Wright - Best way to play

    Hi, I've never played this game and I'm growing really curious about it, but I have some confusion with the names of the games and their place in the series, since I've heard it's not the same in the Japanese and the Western versions. Also, what is the best way to play it? I heard the first...
  15. beautifulbeast

    Gaming Final Fantasy III: growth

    Does anyone know how to grow the stats of a character? I was guessing that if you give them a job like magician or something, their mind and intelligency would grow and if you make them a fighter, strength and vitality would be maximized, but when I look at the stats I see that Luneth, who is a...
  16. beautifulbeast

    PS1/2 KH3 Trailer

    I couldn't lift my jaw frm the floor when I saw this. Now I wonder wich system it will come out on (and if there will be a bridge-sequel for the NDS like with Chain of memories, the only one I've played so far). Enjoy: Trailer
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