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  1. Phantom-Ant

    Homebrew Dsiware install?

    I tried to install dsiware, but it doesn't appear in the menu or elsewhere ... Help. I have a european dsi
  2. Phantom-Ant

    Hacking How unbrick Wii Mini?

    I have a mini wii, I want to hack it, but I only have controllers with wii motion plus. I wouldn't want it to be bricked ... But I have a bad feeling, in the case, how unbrick it?
  3. Phantom-Ant

    Hacking Is possible modding Wii mini with usb?

    is possible?
  4. Phantom-Ant

    Gaming Problem with Ds Downlod

    In some games freeze when appere Nintendo write (sorry for my English)
  5. Phantom-Ant

    Gaming Download ds problems

    on my R4 SDHC 2017 Gold Pro freeze when i play in download mode freeze in the writing "Nintendo"
  6. Phantom-Ant

    Hacking R4iSDHC freeze before loading

    when start a game freeze... help
  7. Phantom-Ant

    Hacking R4isdhc 2017 launch freeze?

    when launch nds games freeze before the loading... help
  8. Phantom-Ant

    Gaming Ap patch for Mario & Luigi 3?

    I need to patch the europe version of m&l3 and an ap patcher?
  9. Phantom-Ant

    Homebrew Make Homebrew on DS ( is possible?)

    Could be possible make ds homebrew on ds (like wario ware diy)? Draw sprites set the type ( player...) (Like an app called Game Creator) I know that is very hard to make, but is possible?
  10. Phantom-Ant

    Homebrew Torch app on Dsi

    Is possible make a torch app for dsi (using the led near the camera)?
  11. Phantom-Ant

    Gaming Video on Switch, and 3ds?

    how to put video on Switch and 3ds without modding? (any converter?)
  12. Phantom-Ant

    Homebrew is possible fuse gbarunner2 with gbaemu4ds?

    I have an idea, but maybe it's stupid ... we could fuse Gbarunner2 with gbaemu4ds and get a better gba emulator! if is possible!
  13. Phantom-Ant

    Homebrew is possible create video editor on ds?

    maybe not, but i want to belive, if not how sram patch gba rom?
  14. Phantom-Ant

    Homebrew Radio FM for NDS?

    Is it possible to resend an FM radio for NDS like the one on each mobile phone (which is transmitted with the headphones?)
  15. Phantom-Ant

    Gaming Gamepad broken and i need to do updates...

    hi, i have a broken screen but touch screen working, i need to update some games but i need to use the gamepad, i power on and i dar sound error what should i do? i tryed to press sync Button but nothing, i want to okay Nintendo Land!
  16. Phantom-Ant

    ROM Hack I'm creating a new hack of NSMB, help!

    i've create a level with nsmbe but crash at start of the level with 2 black screen, whats the problem?
  17. Phantom-Ant

    Homebrew Need help with TwilightMenu + +

    twilight works but have no sound and i have problems with loading games and gbarunner2 crash, after good gameplay (but no sound) somebody can help me? i want only emulate gba rom on my ds...
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