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  1. MockyLock

    Gaming GoldenEye XBLA and RGH X360

    Hello here. So i finally installed GoldenEye XBLA on my RGH X360 and could play a few missions. However i can' t make it appear in the Games menu in Freestyle 3. I have to start it through the File Manager. I can't recall how i did for the many games i already set up in my console. I thought the...
  2. MockyLock

    Hacking Best solution for hacking a Switch Lite nowadays?

    Hello here. I just bought a Switch Lite for my son for Christmas. I didn't follow close enough the Switch (Lite) scene, and was wondering what were the best solutions for hacking it, since many methods are existing / evolving / vanishing. Are they any guide as precise as these ones ...
  3. MockyLock

    Hardware Switch and 5.1 surround : sub-woofer non working IN-GAME

    Hello, So, as the title says, i can't get sounds from my sub-woofer in-game. When i run the surround test from the Switch menu, all 5 speakers AND the sub-woofer are working. But in game, the sub-woofer doesn't ouput anything. Before anyone gets out with some Dolby/DTS/Optical matters, this is...
  4. MockyLock

    The only known SNES-CD prototype will be up for sale

    Anyone interested ?
  5. MockyLock

    ASSEMbler Games forum about to close

    Well, it seems that this time, it'll really happen. This museum of videogame technical knowledge is about to close in 30 days. Such a loss. Hoping someone will find a solution to let all its content available for history.
  6. MockyLock

    Gaming Strange audio distortion on Switch version

    hello, this thread is following the one i started at Ubisoft forum : Description : I'm playing Starlink for about 40 hours now, and a strange audio issue appeared yesterday. The sound of the game (specially...
  7. MockyLock

    Gaming Breath of the wild : inventory too small ? Seriously ?

    So i downloaded its last DLC2. Lots of new adventures/shrines. Lots of new stuff. Lots ? no. Too much ! I gathered all the different suit/armors and kept them. Nintendo offers me some new stuff, but not the place to store it ! I had to sell some suits to have some place to get the Phantom armor...
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