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    Homebrew Question Connect to Windows Network drives

    How can I access to network drives via Wifi on Switch? I don't want to use Ftp or usb-c .
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    Homebrew Suggestion ISCSI boot support

    Microsd cards are too slow. SSD (Solid State Drive) are much faster. If Nintendo switch supports ISCSI boot , it can boot Linux from SSD with networks and it will work smoothly. I think ipxe can realize this. ( I hope someone will enable Nintendo Switch to use ipxe.
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    Homebrew Can dsi dump 3ds cartridge ?

    Needless to say, I know dsi cannot "play" 3ds cartridge. However, 3ds cartridge whose protruding objects are removed can be injected into dsi. Can they be dumped by homebrew? Or cannot dsi read them because of physical problems of circuits?
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    ROM Hack Convert new3ds-nand into old3ds-nand

    I have a new3DS,which has B9S. Corgi3DS requires an old3ds-nand. I want to get an old3ds-nand with new3DS-nand without old3ds . How can it be converted?
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    Hardware What can 3DS turn on even without ?

    I have broken many cables of 3DS. It cannot turn on anymore. I need to remove or replace them. I want to remove as many of them as possible instead of replacement. Can 3DS turn on even without the camera,the speaker,the joystick,the L/R buttons,or the 3 lower screen cables?
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    Homebrew How can I find out previous friend codes?

    I formatted my 3ds. The friend code has been changed. But I want to know the previous friend code and older ones. Are there any ways to find out them?
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    Homebrew Question Why does nobody make a fps counter?

    PSP,3DS,and others have fps counters.But Switch does not have any fps counters.Are there any technical issues?Or just because nobody will not make one?
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    Homebrew Question failed to compile libnx for layoff

    I wanted to compile a modified libnx( so that I could compile layoff.( But I got an error "/home/a/Downloads/libnx-2.0.0/nx/source/runtime/newlib.c:174:5: error: '__syscalls' undeclared (first use in this function); did...
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    Homebrew Suggestion FPS counter

    This is necessary to confirm whether 60 FPS mod works or not.
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    ROM Hack Question How to unpack and repack *pak files which dragon quest 11 demo has ?

    Somebody please help me how to unpack file .pak . It's content of DQ11 demo. ***I tried but it did not work for this game.
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    Homebrew Suggestion Use switch as a wifi hotspot

    Wifi modules of Switch are strong enough to use as wifi hotspots.
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    Homebrew Question Nox on L4T ubuntu exists?

    Is Nox App Player usable on L4T ubuntu on Switch?
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    Hacking Question Tool which can dump save data of SYSTEM partition

    Tell me what tool can do so.
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    Hacking Question How to dump RAM

    Firmware is 6.0.0. I can use CFW. (RAM is main memory.)
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    Hacking Question upgrading Switch NAND makes Switch banned?

    Title says all. I got the idea because of seeing this
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    Hacking Question Which is for online,emunand or sysnand?

    SX OS 2.0 was released with emunand support. Emunand is made in sysnand partiton. Horizon knows about the partition and so on. Which should I use online, emunand or sysnand?
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    Hardware How to find my friend's friend code with my switch?

    I want to find my friend's friend code. the friends have been on the friend list. I can no longer ask the code. How can I find my friend's friend code with my switch?
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