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    Hacking Question Can I use Daybreak to downgrade Mariko from 11.0.1 to 11.0.0 ?

    Hi guys i have a switch console Mariko version with SX-Core and SXOS installed . by mistake updated to 11.0.1 so SXOS will not boot . installed atmosphere but the sxos is much easier to use can i downgrade the sysnand to 11.0.0 with daybreak or will i be bricking my console ? thanks
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    Hacking is it possible to change the region of the 3ds and then remove custom firmware

    hi wondering if i can install cfw , change the region of the console and then remove the cfw and get a "clean" 3ds with the region i desire . lets say i can buy a 3ds in the us but i need it to be eu version possible to be done ?
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    Hacking Rebug SwitchME installation diagram anyone ?

    couldnt find it on the rebug web site
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    Hacking PS4 Pro 5.05 firmware will not boot from sleep mode need help

    Hi , got a ps4 pro with firmware 5.05 that was hacked not by me , was brought to me for repair , not booting from rest mode only after full turned off . i have a feeling this is not hardware related but caused by guy playing around with the options on the extra stuff on the dev menu has...
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    Hacking rockband 3 drums with usb loader

    Hi all . well i am just about to give up . need some help here i am trying to play RB3 on a soft moded wii . the wii is 4.2e , i have updated all ios . i haev tried usb loadr gx . uloader , neogamma and configurable usb loader , tried cios 222 sios 223 and 249 , ( 56 and 57 ) buti simply...
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