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  1. dgwillia

    Gaming NA: Register a 2DS/3DS XL and 1 of 6 Games in March and Get Pokémon X/Y Free

    Would be awesome if it was retroactive (I doubt it). Either way I have 3 unredeemed XL's, just gotta buy Donkey Kong or Yoshi
  2. dgwillia

    Ono Teasing Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS4?

    I'd love for it to be on PS4, the small library of games would be an extremely easy way to force my friends into buying it. (Most of them refuse to play fighters after some of the royal ass whoopings that were delivered in our last MvC2/BlazBlue session)
  3. dgwillia

    Gaming Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: Duel Carnival

    As much as I hate Zexal, I love the games and hope we get it. Decade Duels was a horrible abomination compared to the awesome DS games, was assuming the series was dead as far as video games go
  4. dgwillia

    [PPOTW] What did you think of this years VGX awards?

    We got this, so it was totally worth it. Loved to see the Division a bit more, along with South Park. And Joel McHale not giving a shit was just totally hilarious
  5. dgwillia

    PSN+ November Update (North America)

    Glad about Binary Domain, and especially Dragon's Dogma since I didnt plan to buy it after platinum'ing the original. Not so glad about Soul Sacrifice which I have the cart for. Guess I'll just backup my save and trade it in before the value tanks
  6. dgwillia

    Gaming The Pokémon X/Y Wonder Trade Spaming

    Its finally gotten good. Just yesterday I got a Modest Hidden Ability female Goomy, and 2 Timid foreign Noivern's. Also got a Japanese timid Eevee (I love getting foreign Pokemon, going to try Matsuda soon with that Eevee)
  7. dgwillia

    Gaming Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies Discussion thread

    Can't wait for it to go up. Gonna be my first full price E-Shop purchase, plus I still have some of that free promo credit left
  8. dgwillia

    Misc Pokemon 3DS Wifi Centre

    Just reposting my FC, like me or PM me if you added and I'll return the favor as quick as possible. Been doing a TON of breeding lately, almost got my perfect team and about to start advancing the story again then get into online battling 3995-6546-9142 Also not sure how Friend Safari works...
  9. dgwillia

    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    Seems like I'm fairly lucky on natures so far. Got my Froakie with Mild nature, got an Adamant natured Pidgey on the first try, and a Mild Panpour. Torchic refuses to give me a damn Jolly or Adamant nature though..... Either way this game is freaking amazing. The Pokemon game I always dreamed of
  10. dgwillia

    Misc Pokemon 3DS Wifi Centre

    My FC is 3995-6546-9142. I'm getting both versions, and I'll be interested in trades and battles.
  11. dgwillia

    Your last words: What would you say?

    I'd like to say something cryptic, something to screw with peoples heads for the rest of their lives. Something like... "When the stars align, I shall become more powerful than ever!" or "*Insert persons name here*, you killed me..."
  12. dgwillia

    GTA Offline

    My character came back and now is a female face on a male body and is Level 1 still <_<. Trolling of this magnitude cannot be handled Rockstar
  13. dgwillia

    GTA Offline

    Welp, I'm officially done defending Rockstar. My level 12 is gone, along with the 70k I had in the bank. They shouldn't have freaking put the game up (Or left it up), when its this damn unplayable. Not even gonna make a new character for the near future, guess this is the perfect motivation to...
  14. dgwillia

    GTA Offline

    I managed to get past the first race, and also do a Deathmatch. Taking FOREVER though, I guess with all the glitches people can't even get online yet so I'm constantly getting put in matches by myself or waiting 10+ minutes just to get 8 people. Its fun, broken as hell, but fun
  15. dgwillia

    Dark Souls II Closed Beta Registration now open for PS3

    Too bad it only works for EU at the moment, the moment I try to log in with my account it says "The page you have requested is not available". Either way, wonder how they plan on picking who gets in. Is it random? Or will they likely lean toward people with lot of Demon/Dark Souls playtime?
  16. dgwillia

    Gaming Any FFXIV beta players or future buyers here?

    I'm on the Leviathan server, was just curious. Havent met too many people getting this game yet
  17. dgwillia

    Sony not releasing any more characters for PS All Stars Battle Royale

    I'm glad, finally finished/platinum'd the game and sold it and deleted it off my Vita. It was fun at first, then I started noticing how broken the game was. I can't believe I even played online before the patches came, some of the stuff was shenanigans. Never even brought Zeus and Isaac.
  18. dgwillia

    Sega is in the bidding for Atlus

    As long as Microsoft doesn't get them, anything is better by comparison. Either way, aren't most of their releases here selling decently? If so, I doubt any new company that purchases them would just put a stop to releases here.
  19. dgwillia

    Nintendo To Let Users Purchase Digital Content Through PCs/Phones By Year's End

    I'm still just waiting on games to stop being tied to systems, like randomizer said. It's sad when Sony and even Microsoft are more lenient than Nintendo. Its literally the only thing keeping me from buying more games digitally. Atleast if something happened to my Vita, I know I could...
  20. dgwillia

    Pacific Rim

    Loved it in Imax 3D. Probably the best movie I have seen in 3D ever, by the time I get halfway through most other 3D movies, my eyes are either burning or I'm wondering "Why the hell did this movie even have 3D". I can't think of any other movie I have seen in a long time where I actually had...
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