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  1. niño de cobre

    Hardware *Alternative* new 3ds cover plates, Where?!

    i got my jap white new 3ds a few weeks ago, and im looking for cheap 3ds cover plates but there is none. I thought ebay or dealxtreme would have been flooded with chinese knock offs but they are no where to be seen. What is wrong with this chinese factories? everyone but the US is getting the...
  2. niño de cobre

    Hacking Ocarina codes not working USB Loader GX

    i did search the forums and read some people posts with similar problems but didnt found an answer, so here i am: just installed the USB Loader GX R1233 on the vwii, but i got a problem: the ocarina codes doesnt work. first: i have installed all the apps on the USB drive, i dont have a SD...
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