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  1. lithium210

    Homebrew Can anyone help me identify this icon?

    Hopefully this is in the right place but can anyone help me identify this icon I circled in red? I came across it during an image search and was curious about it. Thanks!
  2. lithium210

    Hardware SMD Resistors Trouble :( Xbox 360 - Falcon Mobo

    Hey everyone, my friend brought me a 360 (falcon) which had the rrod and he tried to fix it himself but his screwdriver slipped on the clamps and broke off a few resistors. Can anyone, if possible, tell me the values of these resistors & 1 cap. Xbox 360 Falcon Motherboard (located by memory...
  3. lithium210

    Hardware 3ds squeaky hinge recently..

    Had my 3ds since launch and now the hinge seems louder (noisy squeak) when opening it. Worth the hassle of a return or think it'll eventually go away after more use? I dont really have a wobbly screen. If i shake the 3ds i can hear the noise but its not like im shaking the handheld while...
  4. lithium210

    Hacking Start in game folder, not root

    I wanted to setup an R4 (wood 1.30) for my nephew but wanted to know if there's a way to start in the games folder (shows all the games like akaio when you first turn on the ds) than instead of showing the microsd and slot2 card icons. Appreciate any help or info, thanks!
  5. lithium210

    Hardware 3DS viewing angle

    My friend was talking to me about the 3DS and its viewing angle and compared it to a toshiba prototype laptop that will be coming out with glassless 3D. He says it works with the front camera and uses head tracking. He thinks nintendo will eventually come out with a new 3ds model or provide...
  6. lithium210

    Hacking list of wad titles..

    Am i allowed to post a list of wads i have in my wad folder? its all stuff used for downgrading and other apps but i have so much stuff that im trying to get help to clean it up and find out which wads i dont need anymore.
  7. lithium210

    Hacking shortening this guide for my personal use.

    another question.. trying to update my friends wii to 4.1 with waninkoko's updater since his 3.2 is already softmodded. already have a nanddump. here's the guide im trying to follow: -Run Firmware-Update 4.1 -Run IOS60 Installer: Select “NO” for install IOS61. Select “YES” for Install...
  8. lithium210

    Hacking bad blocks & nandclean

    I always use my wii as a test subject before adding anything to my friends wii's but the only concern that i have is why my wii has 3 bad blocks when trying to dump with bootmii. Ive softmodded a friends wii awhile back on 3.2, it had cioscorp, preloader, starfall hacks, etc. anyways i ran...
  9. lithium210

    Hacking wad validation

    been searching around but not sure if it exists.. Is there a PC tool which can check wads to see if their valid (or proper) without having to manually install each one to see if you get a -1022 or any other kind of error?
  10. lithium210

    Hacking what exactly is cios222??

    Ive been reading many topics about people having issues using usbloader gx and cios222. Ive been using the loader with 249 without any issues and wonder why the option of 222 is in there. I did select it but all it did was freeze my usb loader. what exactly is it for and do i really need it?
  11. lithium210

    Hacking Homebrew Channel Double Channels??

    Im having a weird problem.. I've been adding and removing items under the apps folder and until now when i tried to test out fce ultra gx, anytitle deleter mod v4 or snes9x gx itll show two of each channel. I'll have double icons in the homebrew channel for each title that i mentioned. Anyone...
  12. lithium210

    Hacking Softmii 2.1 changelog? Slow loading on 2.0.1?

    What are the new changes from 2.0.1 -> 2.1? They dont mention on updating from 2.0.1. Also has anyone experienced any slow loading? For example, Animal Crossing would load ALOT faster in gamma than in softmii 2.0.1.
  13. lithium210

    Hacking Healthii 1.1 Tutorial

    Created a guide to help those who want to create a Health Screen Intro. Hopefully its easy to follow and can solve some issues. Sorry if i made any grammar errors or other mistakes. Its 4:00am over here and im ready to go to bed! --------------------------------- -Healthii 1.1 Tutorial...
  14. lithium210

    Hacking Acekard 2.1 & EZ-V 3in1+ Expansion

    Im having a strange lockup problem with my acekard and 3in1+. Im using Akaio 1.3RC2 since my 3in1 is the newer version which i recently received from DX. I can load up games fine on psram and nor. When i want to play a new gba game, i'll just turn off my ds, load gbaexploader 0.58b and either...
  15. lithium210

    Gaming gba release list dat for gbatemp?

    Hello, not sure if this is in the right section but is there a dat or anything i could use to organize my backup gba games to match with gbatemp's release list?? I wanted to use offlinelist with advanscene's dat but i prefer this sites list. Its hard to organize them because of so many...
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