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    Hacking PS4 Pro - two HHDs possible? 1. running 5.05 jailbroken, 2. running 5.5 and have PSN access?

    Guys I am new to the scene so hear me out: I already have a PS4 Pro running 5.05 and jailbroken. I have never log onto PSN or even have a Sony online user profile for that matter on this particular system (it's jailbroken straight out of the package). The problem I have is I want to play...
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    Hacking Help! Think I lost A9LH hax...

    Ok I think I have a rather unique situation here... I was able to follow the guide and get otp.bin as well as A9LH hax to work. So I have sysand 9.0 and emunand 10.7. And I was able to access decrypt9, luma3DS, menuhax and all. So far so good. However, when I was restoring a sysnand 9.0...
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