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  1. djavs

    Hacking wii flow help using usb3.0

    Hi I have softmodded a wii 4.3e, am using wii flow version beta 4.2.2.-r1 072 with 2tb seagate expansion desktop STBV2000200. I keep getting a crash message like this when going through channel forward thing. how ever through homebrew channel its loads it up but it doesn't show my harddisk...
  2. djavs

    Hacking Gateway 3ds omega am testing it now

    Wohoo am one of the beta testers. Going make a video now or in the morning :-) happy days. Well done gateway in advance
  3. djavs

    Hacking Wii 4.3E softmod issue

    Hi guys I've read so many tutorials but am still stuck I have tried following videos online, tutorials on here but for the life of me I can not get usb loader GX to launch NSMB wii. The game looks like its loading and then am et by a blank screen. Am on 4.3e USB loader GX 3.0 am...
  4. djavs

    Hacking Gateway on 3ds xl and 3ds.

    Guys am really confused - trust me doesn't take alot to do that. I keep reading about bricking etc. SO want to use a firmware which is stable i keep reading 1.2b but where is it, as its not the gateway site. Also i would love for someone to show me or point me to a tutorial. Am gunna try...
  5. djavs

    Hacking help picking a 3ds card

    Hi guys I have normal 3ds with 4.5E on it. Am tempted to buy a mt-card instead of gate just because of the multimrom support. Bt scared with all the bircking issue is this just for Gateway? or MT-CARDS bricking too? If i wanted mt-card where in the uk can i purchase it from or worse case...
  6. djavs

    Hacking about to buy ver.4.5.0-9E

    hi am about to buy a 3d xl ver.4.5.0-9E - will this work with a gateway card?
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