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  1. Nick1

    Hacking My life got flipped turned upside down... (MAME on Wii U)

    Hey all! This was an unexpected issue. I just started using Retroarch's MAME2003 core on my Wii U, and the majority of games I've started display upside-down on the Wii U Gamepad! This feels like it should be an easy fix but I can't find anything in the settings. Anyone experienced this?
  2. Nick1

    Can you help me identify an arcade game?

    So there was a side-scrolling shooter game that came out FOREVER ago... you were basically flying a ship, moving left to right (I know, sounds like a few thousand others). But the hook was you could collect other components of the ship... and one of the buttons would cause your ship to use...
  3. Nick1

    Hacking Wii U Pro Controller on Wii U Retroarch?

    Hi all, Been searching around for an answer here but haven't been able to find one. I'm trying to use the Wii U Pro controller with Retroarch on my Wii U. When I launch Retroarch it shows the Gamepad as controller 1 and the Wii U Pro as controller 2. When I go into the input settings and switch...
  4. Nick1

    Hacking N64 Emulation on Wii U

    I realize this may be a dumb question, but most things I've found about it are several years old so I'm hoping there have been developments... ... ... any way at all to play N64 Rogue Squadron on Wii U?
  5. Nick1

    Hacking Wii U HDD / vWii USB Loader GX / USB-SD Issue

    Greetings all! I current and trying to have a setup where I have a Wii U formatted HDD plugged into the back ports on my Wii U that has my Wii U/Wii/GC backups installed. I then am looking to have a USB stick or SD card that holds WiiWare (for vWii) and Retroarch titles (many thanks to Vague...
  6. Nick1

    Hacking Help with Wii U/vWii/WiiWare/Injectors & Forwarders

    Greetings all. I ask that you forgive me ahead of time if this is something that has been specifically addressed. I know the protocol is to look through the forums first, and I assure you, I have. I've searched every permutation of what it is I'm trying to do, and while I've found a lot of good...
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