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  1. rogerioronin

    Homebrew WiiSX RX - A new fork.

    I'm not a programmer, but my part for the Nintendo Wii scene I do:
  2. rogerioronin

    Homebrew WiiSX RX - A new fork.

    @niuss Why are you here, then? The answer is simple, I'm here because the site is an open community, you don't rule here! I appreciate your work, you did relevant updates, but I don't like your rude attitudes on the gbatemp, that's all!
  3. rogerioronin

    Homebrew WiiSX RX - A new fork.

    Dude, I think you're so damn boring, that's all! You talk a lot and do nothing!
  4. rogerioronin

    Homebrew WiiSX RX - A new fork.

    I can't understand if he has this build, because it doesn't make it available to everyone!
  5. rogerioronin

    REminiscence Wii

    Does REminiscence Wii no longer work on newer versions of The Homebrew Channel? Is there any way to make it work?
  6. rogerioronin

    Homebrew Mastershoes Emu Forwarder Collection: 2nd Edition
  7. rogerioronin

    Homebrew FCEUGX-1UP

    Does version 1.1.0 not work cheats?
  8. rogerioronin

    Homebrew Mame 2003 Plus

    Amigo este jogo funciona no "núcleo D" do MAME 2003 Plus!
  9. rogerioronin

    Homebrew Open Tyrian Wii with USB HDD support

    Hey mate! Im looking for specifically this mod. Tell me that your have this dol yet. Mediafire link is down
  10. rogerioronin

    Homebrew Snes9xGX-Mushroom

    Great job, do you intend to add some features of this project here
  11. rogerioronin

    Homebrew Best MAME Emulator

    in my opinion all these are good 1 = (MAME 2003 Plus) 2 = (Final Burn Alpha)] 3 = (Neo Geo Arcade) 4 = (CPS-1)...
  12. rogerioronin

    Hacking USBLoader GX "TAB MOD" Issue

    Esta é a versão 3.0 r1271 e não a 3.0 r1272 ?
  13. rogerioronin

    Homebrew Retroarch Unofficial/extra Cores

    Providing the core link "game & watch retroarch"! All existing RetroArch cores already configured here
  14. rogerioronin

    Homebrew Large NeoGeo games support and CPS3 tests

    @Wiimpathy to add "scanlines" on BlueMSX Wii 0.3B, started by "the homebrew channel", just add this argument? <arg>-scanlines</arg> <arguments> <arg>sd:/MSX/Games/MSX1/Action/</arg> <arg>--240p</arg> <arg>-scanlines</arg> </arguments> sorry to...
  15. rogerioronin

    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    I could not make this emulator work through Wiiflow Lite!
  16. rogerioronin

    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    yes, is everything on USB
  17. rogerioronin

    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    I removed the spaces and it still did not work, I'm using USB
  18. rogerioronin

    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    I tried "arguments = {device}: / {path} / {name} | --filter = scale2xex |matrix = gbi | --scaler = oversample" and it did not work
  19. rogerioronin

    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    How do I add the emulator arguments in emGBA ( in WiiFlow? <arguments> <arg>--filter=scale2xex</arg> <arg>--matrix=gbi</arg> <arg>--scaler=oversample</arg> <arg>--cursor=sd:/mGBA/point-srgb.tpl.gz</arg> <arg>--overlay=sd:/mGBA/frame-srgb.tpl.gz</arg> </arguments>
  20. rogerioronin

    Hacking Is there a way to remove the 150 game limit on Wii MAME?
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