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    Hardware Updated Firmware Now Black Screen SX OS~

    i hope someone can guide me. i have updated my switch several times with no issues. this time i get a black screen. if i use tegrarcmgui it shows the team xecuter logo then goes to black screen. if i use my dongle and jig black screen. i hope someone can help me. thanx in advance.
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    Wiiu System Update

    heads up wiiu system update. do not update!!!!
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    Hardware old 3ds xl black creen after trying to mod

    I have an old 3ds xl tried modding last year and bricked. i have black scree of death. I have nand. any way to fix a tutorial perhaps. i thank you
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    Hacking 3dsxl wont boot games

    hi guys i have a gateway 3ds card did all the steps and games wont boot.i am on ver.4.5.0-10u i just did the tutorial for gateway ultra 3.1.1 public beta any suggestions please. thank you all in advance.
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