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    ROM Hack RELEASE ACNHMobileSpawner: A mobile app to spawn items in Animal Crossing New Horizons on the go!

    Hi, I see we can use items lists to spawning items on the island. Where can we find lists or create them ? (Sorry for my english )
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    Hacking COMPLETED HBL Released for 3.0.0

    Official V2 on github tooday
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    Hacking Can't launch GW profile hack

    I already have this problem. I fully reset the 3DS, and it's OK for me.
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    Hacking 3DS Flashcarts - News, Updates, and Support Thread

    Only bug I see at this time with 2.0b2 : When you quit your control panel in emunand 7.1 you return to real nand. Perhaps it's a feature ;). It's not a big problem. Solved since b1 for me : I can update emunand 4.4 to 7.1 I can boot without problem in gateway mode (it worked once on two with...
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