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    ROM Hack Pokemon Black and White Wi-fi not letting me through.

    I've done all these, i've also made sure my pokemon names don't go about 5 letters and it still ain't letting me through
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Black and White English Translation

    I have XP 2000 and when i click apply patch after imputing the files nothing happens
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Black and White English Translation

    xDelta is not working for me probably because i have an XP computer, is there any other patcher which i can use ?
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    Misc pokemon b&w wifi

    Im using WOOD r4 v.1.13
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    Misc pokemon b&w wifi

    Well i just chat to the women on the top right and mash A to get to the random wifi screen and it just shows my trainer card then disconnects me off wifi
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    Misc pokemon b&w wifi

    I was just about to ask the same question, i think it might be the roms problem as it may not allow full access to WIFI
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Black and White English Translation

    Im having an Xdelta problem i put the patch and rom into one folder and run the xDelta.gui put in the patch and rom and when i click apply patch nothing happens ... any help . btw i have windows xp 2000
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Black wifi or wireless not working?

    im having the same problem ... im using wood v.1.13 and i can't go on wifi random matches... shows my trainer card and disconnects
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    Gaming [JPN] Official ‘Pokémon Black’ and ‘White’ Thread

    NEEED HELP !!! im stuck at a point in the game team plasma stole the fossil head etc and i've got it back... i then apparently have to go the the 3D city and find belle and the other 2 people at the harbour but i haven't found them
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    ROM Hack Official AP Patch For Pokemon Black and White

    Im playing on Wood r4 1.12 and when I try to use the C-gear the game freezes
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    Gaming Monster Rancher DS

    Just a quick question ... how do you upgrade your ranch ?
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    Gaming final fantasy EOT

    It is possible to beat the game in single player but as you get to the harder difficulties you need to customize jewels onto your equipment in order to actually be able to survive
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    Gaming Fighting Fantasy help

    i am currently stuck at a point in this game the quest log says "Deformed Peon wanted some mushrooms he said they grow in caves. I bet he's going to make poison out of them" i went to the caves and couldnt find the mushroom can someone help me locate the mushrooms ?
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    Gaming Bleach 3rd Phantom, Chapter 9

    what i have realized is that yammy first goes to build spiritual pressure so attack him with skills from chad and ishida and make sure they both hit that will lower his health to 700-800 ish and then do it again till he has low enough health and then they run away
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