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    Homebrew My sd card broke and I reformatted it and it wont boot the 3ds what should I do?

    my 3ds's sd card quit working recently and I cant get it to work even after a reformat... what files do I need and what do I need to do.
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    Homebrew Xash3D (Half-Life) Not working black screen

    I followed the instructions to install Xash3D but when I start the game I get a blank screen. what am I doing wrong?
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    Homebrew I was wondering if there was a way to play a game I made on the 3ds?

    I was wondering if there was a way to play a game I made on the 3ds? I have been working on a game using an online tool ( and was wondering if it was possible to play my game on the 3ds. the game is HTML but I didn't want to play it using the web browser.
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    Homebrew broken sd card from homebrew 2dsxl is there a way to use the ds again

    My micro sd card broke and i would like to run my ds again, but whenever i turn it on, it won't boot. it just flashes the power light. I got a replacement sd card and am trying to figure out what to do next.
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    Gaming My 3DS is finally broken and there's nothing I can do

    Earlier today I decided to put more hacked games on my 3DS. While I was getting my 3DS ready I accidentally dropped it. Nothing bad usually happens when I've dropped it before so I wasn't really worried. I download of the stuff onto my SD card and everything was going smoothly that was until I...
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    I cant seem to find a game my uncle described to me.

    When my cousin was playing earthbound my uncle said it reminded him of a game. He said it has somewhat similar graphics. But he only remembers one part of the game. He said there is a golden enemy in the game that drops money when hit but procedes to run away after. What is the game?
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    Homebrew I cant seem to get homebrew to show apps.

    I don't know how to load homebrew apps on my ds. i have installed cia files and that's about it.
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    Hacking Luma crash installing homebrew after using NTRboot to install luma.

    I have used NTRboot to add luma to my 2dsXL it works I can access the select menu on boot. Using Download and play I can do the L+down+selet and I select switch the HB title to the current app. It works. and I exit the app. App on re-entering the app it starts to load and crashes. I'm not able...
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    Hacking T have tried to hack my 2dsXL and it almost works. But steel diver shows a black screen...

    I have tried using Steelhax to hack my 2DSXL I followed the directions on the website 3ds hacks. As I boot my system up and open Steeldiver my screen stays black after showing the3dsa logo the screen stays black I then have to hold the power button to turn it off. Am I in trouble? Is there a fix?
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