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    Homebrew Question Removing news articles from lockscreen

    Is there anyway to remove news articles from being displayed in the lockscreen of my switch? Went online briefly before switching to cfw and incognito and cannot seem to get rid of this.
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    Hacking Unable to play both NES and SNES

    I updated both of these games recently and while both games launch successfully I get a gray screen everytime. My account is nnid conncted and am running on latest firmware and atmosphere, anyone else having same issues?
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    Hardware Using Pro Controller With Gamecube/Wii Games

    I've managed to inject a few Gamecube and Wii games and added game pad support. My question is how do I use the Wii U Pro Controller with either of these injected games, the gamepad is a bit clunky for some games. Whether or not I enable the gamepad option when launching either of these...
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    Hacking Issues Encountered With A Newly Modded WiiU

    Hello noob here, would appreciate any help I'm relatively new to this but have followed all instructions on the guide. Im currently using mocha on 5.51 and using browser exploit, everything is installed to USB external HDD. When I try to install eshop games via WUP GX2 I always encounter...
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