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  1. sekhu

    Help Rooting a HTC Desire

    So I tried using unrEVOked to root my htc desire but I can't as it comes up with a validation error: backup cid missing - in order to resolve it I need to do the following
  2. sekhu

    Gaming Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Beta anyone?

    Anyone here in the UK got the code and successfully entered it on the Ubi website to get a ps3 code? [email protected] got my code from BUT it says the code is invalid, it's ***-********** 3 letters followed by a dash then 10 more letters/numbers and it's coming up invalid. Thanks
  3. sekhu

    Gaming Help with new ADSL Router and NAS Needed

    So I need a new ADSL Router/Modem because my current one from my ISP requires resetting once a week at least, sometimes every fortnight. I've had it replaced 4 or 5 times, so I decided that if they can't provide a decent dsl router I'll buy my own. This won't be my first router purchase, I...
  4. sekhu

    Gaming Can you play AdHoc or Infrastructure Mode with Pirate Games?

    So I'm just wondering whether a psp with a cracked peace walker can play together with a legit copy of the game in adhoc/infrastructure mode? So psp 1 would host which is the legit copy and psp 2 would connect to the host using a pirate copy of the game. I tried game sharing with tekken 5 on...
  5. sekhu

    Gaming How to upgrade from 3.10 0E-A to CFW M33-6

    So I bought a "faulty" psp 1000 from ebay. It says the firmware can not be updated so there may actually be another fault. In any case it says 3.10 0E-A firmware on it, and I have a magic stick with 5.00 m33-6 on it, as well as a pandora battery. Is it just the simple case of using the pandora...
  6. sekhu

    Gaming My PSP Imploded

    Was in the middle of a game when this happened: what are my options in order to get this fixed. i'm in the uk, it's a year old and out of warranty. this is my third psp. thanks
  7. sekhu

    Hacking RTS In GBA Games?

    Is it possible to use real time saves with the gba side of things? I've had my dstwo for 2-3 weeks now, but haven't tested it. Gonna tets it tomorrow, but if I can get a headsup on whether it will work and also on how it's doable. thanks in advance
  8. sekhu

    Gaming Some CFW Questions

    So I haven't kept up to date with what's happening psp wise and CFWs. I have a psp-1000 which has 5.00 m33-6 CFW on it. I understand that I need to install some new CFW in order to play the latest games. How exactly do I go about doing that, I have a pandora battery if it helps. I also read the...
  9. sekhu

    Gaming Quick Question About [Essentials] NDS

    Just a quick question, but is the first page of the [Essentials] NDS thread being updated to reflect posts? In other words are member votes still being tallied with in the first post of that thread? It would be useful to have a thread that is current as I grab the ones already listed to add to...
  10. sekhu

    Hacking Got my CycloDS - what are the next steps?

    So my cart finally arrived, a month later than it should have been. I'm not sure what to do next. When I had my EZ Flash V I had to format the microsd using a cli because windows wouldn't format it right. Anyway, I have a CycloDS and a Class 4 8GB San Disk Ultra I believe. I'm on Win 7 Ultimate...
  11. sekhu

    How do I solve this Search Issue?

    I am trying to find out how to play red steel 2 on the wii so I thought I Would use the search. My initial search term was "how to play red steel 2" but I received the error message that one or more search terms were below three characters. I've tried variations on it but it gives me the same...
  12. sekhu

    Hacking UK Owners - Have you bought from these guys?

    I'm curious if anyone has bought from before? I placed an order last week, and it hasn't arrived yet. They state 1-5 days for standard shipping charge at £1.80 and then £6 for next day. I paid for standard shipping, and I've contacted them twice over...
  13. sekhu

    ETA on when pre-orders for the DSTwo will ship?

    I know it's early days, and I am a patient person but this is more curiosity than a complaint/demand. Anyone know when the DSTwo will actually be released? I've placed a pre-order with shoptemp and I'm happy with that, I'm just curious as to when I can expect to get it. UK resident paid by...
  14. sekhu

    Hacking SC DSTwo or Slot 2 Solution for GBA on NDS?

    Some dumb comments and questions: I guess I need to understand first how the DSLite works with GBA games. Does the NDSL have GBA hardware built in? Or is it emulated? I would like to know how well the GBA emulation on the DSTwo will work, because it would have to be pretty good to be able to...
  15. sekhu

    Hacking Reliable Site in UK to buy CycloDS From

    As stated in the topic post, could someone advise me on where I can get a CylcoDS from within the UK. If there isn't one, how about from abroad? I can pay by card in the UK and paypal internationally. thanks in advance
  16. sekhu

    Hacking Looking for a FlashCart to replace my lost EZV in the UK

    I have a DS Lite, and a EZV flash cart - however the latter has been missing for about a year now, and I haven't located it. It's somewhere in my room, but where I don't know. So I found my DS Lite though, and now looking to replace that lost EZV with a new FlashCart. Money isn't important, and...
  17. sekhu

    Hardware Cannot Format to WBFS With Previously Working Drive

    So I have a seagate that is compatible with the Wii and WBFS manager. I previously formatted the drive to wbfs as a whole, and was able to store and play Wii games off it. Today I decided that I want to split the drive so I formatted it (after backing up the games) and created two partitions...
  18. sekhu

    PS1/2 Help with Dragonball Raging Blast

    Ok so I have the game, and have downloaded the fortnightly character game packs that have been released. However, I don't know how you select them or how they show up. Can anyone give me a clue on this, as they don't even display when you choose your characters - how do you select these custom...
  19. sekhu

    Hacking Stuck at save screen in Dragon Ball Pcicolo's Revenge

    I'm using usb loader gx (not the latest release, I have no idea what version it is though), with error 002 fix enabled. I get past the wiistrap screen, then the namco bandai and other logos. However, it then asks me to create a save file, and at that point I don't know what to do. I tried all...
  20. sekhu

    Gaming How to get Army of Two working on M33?

    I saw a few comments stating that you could use a quick gui patcher for army of two to get the game working. NOw I tried to locate the atcher, but the page it's m eant to be on I can't seem to download it, I don't see a link and it's all in russian I think. Can anyone help in getting this game...
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