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    Hacking Is my DS dieing?

    i have had my DS since US launch, and just recently i have been getting two white screens probably about half the time i turn it on, but it seems to be getting more frequent. It doesn't seem to matter what is in it. Anyone know why this would be, and how i could fix it?
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    Hacking g6 lite - "device not recognised"

    My G6 lite was working fine up until today. I put the cart into the usb loader thing, plug it in and nothing happens. i go to device manager, and sure enough i have a new universal serial bus controller named "unknown device" i have cleaned the loader and cart as well as i can, as i assumed that...
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    Hacking mod install services in the uk?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of some reliable and cheap mod installers within the uk (the closer to portsmouth the better) I don't wish to install it myself because i have no experience, and would have to buy a soldering iron, and so i may aswell just pay the little extra and get someone who...
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