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  1. FencingFoxFTW

    Android Anyone playing/played an Android MMO?

    You know, like Order & Chaos, Pocket Legends, Midgard Rising, Warspear, etc.? opinions? recommendations?
  2. FencingFoxFTW

    JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars?

    lens flares everywhere! a crapload of sites are reporting that JJ Abrams was finally chosen to direct the next Star Wars movie. nerds rejoice! (well, some will rage)
  3. FencingFoxFTW

    free CrossOver for MAC or Linux TODAY

    want to run Windows programs or games on Mac or Linux? get your version of Codeweavers CrossOver free today!
  4. FencingFoxFTW

    Hacking AKAIO 1.8.9 always soft-resets to root, have to reset to see games

    I am on an ak2i, HW 81, recently updated with the 3DS3.0 update. since I was taking the microsd out anyway, I decided to update to akaio 1.8.9 too. now, the problem is, everytime I soft-reset, it goes back to root, and when I try to access it, it shows nothing. EMPTY. I have to reset the DS for...
  5. FencingFoxFTW

    Hardware is there any reason to be an early adopter?

    just wondering the current games dont really appeal to me, so is there any other reason to buy this now?
  6. FencingFoxFTW

    ROM Hack Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 menus encrypted?

    did a quick text search last night(using crystaltile2) and I cant find the strings any help?
  7. FencingFoxFTW

    Hacking is it worth to upgrade from DS Lite to DSiXL+acekard?

    thinking about making a trade-in. dont care much about GBA support, since I also have a PSP. also, does the acekard 2i work on it? if it does, where's the cheapest place I can get that card?
  8. FencingFoxFTW

    Gaming corrupted saves on 5.03 gen-c

    anybody else have these? some save files got corrupted after I updated to 5.03 gen-c funny thing is, one of them(Disgaea) works fine on OFW(yeah I have the UMD) any ideas?
  9. FencingFoxFTW

    Hacking need a lil help! issue with IOS60

    so I was installing the Trucha Bug, following the offline guide, and got to the downgrading IOS60 part, but the DOP-IOS says I dont have it, so when I try downgrading it, it asks me for the wad thing is, the guide says not to pack the wad, but then again I dont wanna go on with the rest of the...
  10. FencingFoxFTW

    Gaming do you ppl play any free MMORPG?

    you know, like Tales of Pirates, DOMO, Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine maybe we could plan join one and make a gbatem guild lol
  11. FencingFoxFTW

    Gaming beat-em-ups/brawler games?

    and when I say that, I mean games like Final Fight, Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, etc Undead Knights would be one, and I know there's OpenBOR any recommendations?
  12. FencingFoxFTW

    Gaming Sedna plugin for 5.03 GEN-A/B

    it doesnt work all the time, but maybe if they keep working on it, it will end up being a great plugin Edit: if you already have a vsh.txt or game.txt in your seplugins folder, just preview the files in the rar, copy the line and paste it to your existing .txt files
  13. FencingFoxFTW

    ROM Hack FencingFoxFTW new Dragon Quest 9 patch

    sorry to interrupt your regular Pokemon schedule, but I decided to drop this I'll just copy-pasta the readme There are 3 versions. The first 2 are xdelta drag-n-drop, the last one is an exe For a "clean" rom(I think it'll still work if you only used the anti-piracy fix, but havent tested...
  14. FencingFoxFTW

    ROM Hack how do I make an xdelta patch?

    topic EDIT: I think I found a GUI in anyway, if you ppl have any recommendation about xdelta or any other format, I'll be thankful btw, it's for a "translation update"
  15. FencingFoxFTW

    Gaming custom firmware on PSP Mystic Silver?

    I just got a Final Fantasy PSP and I was wondering: is it possible to load custom firmware in it? can anyone point me in the right direction? sorry if I'm being too n00b btw, I havent updated the firmware to play Dissidia
  16. FencingFoxFTW

    Hacking rom file size limit on acekard2?

    so tried the Rhapsody english music hack posted on this forum and it didnt boot it works if I resample the usic tracks tho, so the hack itself is not the problem file size limit, perhaps? what's the biggest rom you have played on your ak2? btw, I'm using the AIO freeware
  17. FencingFoxFTW

    ROM Hack pls help me with some music hack

    ok so I edited some adx music files 3 of the songs still have the same time length, but file size changed they are bigger than the originals do I still have to edit the sound_data.sdat? how? what tool I need?
  18. FencingFoxFTW

    ROM Hack anybody knows if DQ V has a hidden translation?

    topic and yes, it's been released out there
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