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  1. symphonic5

    Pokemon Stadium 2: Transfer Pak failing in Retroarch on the Switch

    I've been trying to get the Transfer Pak working in both Pokemon Stadiums 1 and 2 in Retroarch on the Switch. The transfer pak option is enabled on the controller. I've tried both methods to get the game to recognize the files: 1: Putting the N64 rom, GB rom, and GB save file in the same...
  2. symphonic5

    Homebrew Wii2600 OEM Paddle Support

    I’ve got a raphnet adapter that supports 9 pin controllers (SMS, Genesis, 2600, etc). Is there support for OEM paddles in the emulator? I can’t get them to be recognized. Thanks.
  3. symphonic5

    Homebrew Raphnet SMS adapter not recognizing X,Y,Z, Mode?

    Hello, If anyone here uses the raphnet sms to Wiimote adapter, have you gotten the Atari 2600 paddles or X,Y,Z, and Mode buttons to be recognized? I’ve tried them on multiple emulators that should see it as a classic controller, but nothing. A,B, and C buttons work. Thanks.
  4. symphonic5

    Homebrew Carbonic abz source menu for WiiFlow 5

    I’m trying to get my new WiiFlow 5 menu (Rhapsodii Shima) to look like my old source menu (carbonic abz) I copied the source folder over from my old setup, and it looks totally differently. The images are even wrong. I used danimalz master pack to set it up. Is there something I have to do to...
  5. symphonic5

    Homebrew Not64 cover collection on WiiFlow 5

    I have a new setup of WiiFlow 5 using Danimal’s pack. Everything is on usb, and I’ve changed the paths in the .ini files to reflect that. Not64 will not load its covers. I’ve reloaded the cache, checked to make sure the names match, nothing. They show up as Wii boxes that say “no title”. Any...
  6. symphonic5

    Homebrew Old WiiFlow 4 setup- want to update to Not64

    I setup my WiiFlow at least 8 years ago. Everything has been working fine, but I’ve been diving into N64 for the first time, and I want to update from Wii64 to Not64 for increased compatibility (Shader issue on Banjo-Kazooie). What’s the best build to use for WiiFlow 4, and is it just a matter...
  7. symphonic5

    Hacking DSTWO + vs. cfw (arm9loaderhax)

    Okay, forgive my noob-ness, but I've searched around and come up empty. I bought a N3DS and ordered a DSTWO+ before I realized the advances that have been made in the homebrew community. I've been following Plailect's fantastic guide ( to getting cfw on my...
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