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    Hacking Best method to load game backups as of today?

    Hi All, I bought a Wii U a week and I've spent nights on it trying to find out which method is the best to load game backups. Reading post here and there, I did try Loadiine GX2 from the Mocha CFW but so far I was only able to play Mario Tennis Ultra Smash with no problems. Others would simply...
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    Hacking Wii U Japanese - change to english?

    Hi guys, I've watched a video on YT on how great would be the Wii U in 2018 and I got seduced so I went to buy one on eBay. Since I live in Thailand and this console is not sold here, I've picked one up from Japan... oh boy!... So as you guess, I am stuck with a console in Japanese only now...
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