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  1. iSubaru

    Homebrew Mysterious SMDH File Error when compiling

    Hello there~ I'm trying finally coding something for 3DS with ctrulib and devkitpro, however after going through step-by-step of setting up all this stuff as written here I have bumped onto a problem. I did all as written here with the...
  2. iSubaru

    Hacking GBA Flashcard (Missing Final Piece)

    Hello there I have two GBA consoles on my own (well one is my sister's) and Link Cable, main stuff done. I have also one EZ 3-in-1 Flashcard, however I would like to have second one. Which one would be low in price but work well with Link Cable? (If possible, one working stand-alone like EZ...
  3. iSubaru

    Nintendo Consoles Golf Games

    Hello~ I was wondering recently about Golf Games for Nintendo Consoles I'm like "let's make a list of such games" I'm mainly interested in DS/3DS/GC/Wii because such consoles I own (well not GC yet, but Wii can do GC...) Those 3 come to my mind [Wii] Pangya [GC] Mario Golf [Wii] Tiger Woods...
  4. iSubaru

    Gaming Acekard 2i - Problem with cheats

    Hello there I have a problem with cheat codes on my Acekard 2i Situation is like this: - Most of them doesn't work - Few of them works - Some works with reversed effect (For example Max Cash sets cash to 0 [zero]) I have USRCHEAT.dat downloaded from GBATemp if I remember correctly I have...
  5. iSubaru

    Homebrew DS emulator network theory

    Hello there I was wondering with friend about this thing We do know that none emulator can emulate WFC stuff because of auto-kickban from Nintendo servers (they detect emulator) but Can any of emulator do such thing as go through network to certain IP adress for look up of custom server...
  6. iSubaru

    ROM Hack Tales of Innocence

    Hello I would like to ask for a little help I need world map image from Tales of Innocence but without Luka or someone else icon on it, only map Could someone help there please? (PNG image would be perfect there) Thank You for advance iSubaru
  7. iSubaru

    Homebrew Clash of Gods - TCG

    Hello there I would like to announce officially that TCG project Clash of Gods is being worked on We have 3-person team for now and looking for a bit more especially: - Graphics - someone who would do some basic graphic and card images per se - Sound maker - someone who would do some...
  8. iSubaru

    GCN Dolphin Memory Card to Real Card possibilities?

    Hello there I was thinking recently about such problem of sort I have been playing GameCube game on Dolphin emu (testing new graphic card etc ) and I made myself to nice save file (nice items) by in-game saver so it went to Memory Card that Dolphin created My question is, would it be possible...
  9. iSubaru

    ROM Hack Sprite replacing in GBA games

    Hello I would like to replace few of sprites in certain GBA game with my prepared ones, I know that probably I will have to convert them about colors speciallyu for GBA but I think I have converter tool so the only thing left is how can I replace them...even if it would mean redrawing them...
  10. iSubaru

    Hello there

    Hello I just noticed Introductions board, dunno why I couldn't earlier " I like DS both playing and programming Hope I will have good time staying here Best regards iSubaru
  11. iSubaru

    Hacking Error when loading a game

    Hello I have just installed YSMenu on my R4DS using R4YSauto (thank You Maikel Steneker) Games finally started booting as they should, even GBA games are booting nicely (I have EZ 3-in-1 it's not like Slot-1 skill of course ) Just one game is not booting from total of 5 or 6, it's KORG-10 When...
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