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    Hacking Will I get banned for this?

    Hard to say. Back in the day before emunand, I had NSPs installed on my sysnand and I never got banned. Maybe I'm lucky. Dunno.
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    Hacking Question NS Atmosphere Software Mirror has it all:
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    Hacking Strange atmosphere audio problem

    I second this issue. I'm only having the issue on EmuNAND (as partition, not files). I initially re-installed Atmosphere and it fixed it, but now the issue is back. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the issue was related to TinFoil as it was working fine until I installed a new game using...
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    Homebrew Question whats the best save tool for switch

    I'm a personal fan of Checkpoint. I think I used JKSV one for backing up Animal Crossing since Checkpoint can't do that, at least it couldn't at the time. I don't know if that was fixed or not.
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    Homebrew Question how safe is it to hack a nintendo switch in 2021???

    Using CFW alone isn't going to get you banned. Playing with others online while using CFW may get you banned.
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    Hacking Question I think I might've bricked my switch?? Help?

    Don't worry about Atmosphere. Back up yours SD card. Wipe it. Push hekate and boot into OFW, update to the firmware using the official software updater. You should be able to boot into OFW without RCM now, or if you continue to use RCM, then without any blown fuses. Now install Atmosphere onto...
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    Hacking Bricked console ? Here's my sad story !

    It sounds like this is your emunand. You need to delete the emunand and re-create it.
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    Hacking Trinket M0 Install Failure - Power and Vol+ don't work (help!)

    You said you had bridged the alt vol + to ground on the back of the board, but have you tested on the other side of the capacitor to ground to see if it works? Maybe the cap blew and needs replacing. I dunno. I'm not an EE.
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    Hacking Out of the Loop since Kosmos stopped being 'a thing'

    DeepSea is the spiritual successor to Kosmos.
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    Hacking Pretty sure I bricked my Switch. Just need confirmation.

    Have you tried leaving it plugged in overnight? It really sounds like it's low battery. If you have auto-rcm enabled, low battery will act like a bricked switch. It basically has to trickle charge.
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    Hacking How to go online properly after install emunand?

    Simply put, you can play online using sysnand so long as you don't boot custom firmware on it. That's the safest. You can boot into sysnand through hekate to avoid burning fuses. It doesn't matter how you get to your sysnand FW, just so long as CFW isn't loaded. I've gone online a couple of...
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    Hacking Trinket M0 problems

    I agree to this, which is why I used one of the alt points on the back of the board. Sooo much easier. I actually used alt points for everything except the USB.
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    Hacking Trinket M0 problems

    Did you wire up the USB? Can you share photos of your installation?
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    Homebrew Question Any progress made on NGC N64 emulators from Mario 3D All Stars?

    My fault, I wasn't clear in what I meant. I meant that this version of Hagi is likely a happy-path implementation to get Sunshine working. My thought is that as more and more games are ported, it will have full compatibility. I'm mostly basing this off of the fact that I found a couple of...
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    Hacking M0 Trinket Vol+

    It can be any number of things, honestly. If it's related to the Trinket installation, It's likely you have a solder bridge. But it could also just be. faulty volume switch. If you want a work around, just hold the HOME button until the onscreen overlay comes up and use the volume slider there.
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    Homebrew Question Any progress made on NGC N64 emulators from Mario 3D All Stars?

    The GameCube emulator only emulates the GameCube’s CPU and graphics pipeline. The actual games are recompiled to aarch64. It appears that Nintendo used some kind of automated tool to translate the game’s PPC assembly to aarch64 instead of recompiling from source. This means you can’t just drop...
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    Homebrew Discussion SM3DAS: Research and Development

    I’m probably being a negative Nancy, but I doubt any game will run as-is. If I understand correctly, we’ve already confirmed the emulator uses Vulkan shaders. My hypothesis is the developers manually replaced all the Flipper GPU shaders to Vulkan and are replacing them on-the-fly. If I’m...
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    Hacking Nintendo Switch Banning Hub & Warning

    Yeah, but doesn't Atmosphere prevent sending that information?
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    Homebrew Discussion Egg NS, a Switch emulator for Android devices

    I would steer clear of this. All of the shared libraries being used are completely obfuscated and are not easily disassembled using traditional debugging tools. This is a pretty big red flag. If you choose to use it, I would recommend you do it on a device you don't use as your daily driver and...
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    Hacking RELEASE [Trinket] [Rebug] [Others] [Modchip Software] *NEW* Fusee_Suite UF2 packages

    The seeeduino should work fine. I think you'll want to use the rebug version of the software. Just make sure that you're hooking up the wires to the same SAMD pins.
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