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  1. Lyrin

    Hacking RetroArch (VBA Next) not loading saves from UO gpSP Kai?

    Trying to move from running emulators in Adrenaline, to using RetroArch for Vita (since it's a unified menu). I copied my SMW and ALTTP saves from gPSP's save directory, to the one RetroArch uses (ms0:/PSP/GAME/UO gpSP kai -> ux0:/data/retroarch/savefiles). Upon launching the games, it starts as...
  2. Lyrin

    Hacking Is there a better version of PSX2PSP?

    Gonna try to tl;dr this. Basically I'm wondering if there's something available that puts text in like with the 3DS Virtual Console injections. Adding text/ESRB to the right one so that it looks like it's a PSN download.
  3. Lyrin

    Hacking PS TV USB Corruption Issue

    I've been using USBs as storage for about a month now, and every USB I use, ends up becoming corrupted. I've tried usbmc and storagemgr with the same effect happening on both. It's worth mentioning that I don't use standby mode. Two USBs that ended up corrupted were SanDisk 8 GB flash drives...
  4. Lyrin

    Homebrew Is it possible to load mods from an SD Card with Brawl running on it?

    So far I haven't been able to get it to work. I'm guessing the SD unloads from normal SD conditions to be used to run games and that's why it isn't working.
  5. Lyrin

    Hacking Netplay between RetroArch PS3 and Wii U?

    According to this post ( it should be doable, but I get a crash when trying to join netplay. PS3 Host - Wii U Client: PS3 freezes on host, PS3 crashes on join. Wii U Host - PS3 Client: PS3 freezes on attempt to connect. I just...
  6. Lyrin

    Hacking Where do I get the latest build of RetroArch?

    I tried the links on this page ( and none of them give me the latest build. Link 1 (DEX) says "File not found on the server" Link 2/3 (CEX/ODE) gives me builds from 2016 and older. And the buildbot no longer holds PS3 builds.
  7. Lyrin

    When attempting to open the "More Options" menu while editing a post, Chrome closes the page

    Seems to either be an issue on the original post or a large post. Happens on first post here: Also, I'm not really seeing any specific issues forum so this is where I'm putting it.
  8. Lyrin

    Homebrew DS Wifi and DSi

    I decided to make this thread since there's virtually no one talking about this. A while ago, nocash opened up a thread trying to get DSi wifi boards to try and find out how to DSi mode wifi working: The most that seemed to have come...
  9. Lyrin

    Tutorial [Tutorial] How to use a GBA as a controller for Wii U!

    This tutorial is based on sections of tutorials listed below.
  10. Lyrin

    ROM Hack Are there any Smash mods that change gameplay?

    Besides the obvious ones like USM-eM, Neos, Turbo'd, and Tr4sh.
  11. Lyrin

    Hacking Does NDS-Card Charge Tax for Purchases?

    Gonna be ordering a DSTT from nds-card soonish and as far through the process I could get without entering information was that shipping is $2 for normal shipping + tracking number.
  12. Lyrin

    Homebrew Is there a program to dump games to sd card in Loadiine compatible format?

    Wanna dump a SM64 hack to my sd to inject to it but last time I tried using DDD it didn't work for some reason.
  13. Lyrin

    Homebrew Is there some sort of total shrine tracker for BotW?

    Something like a computer program where you import your save and it tells you how many shrines you've got total.
  14. Lyrin

    Homebrew Having trouble setting up devkitpro

    I'm pretty sure I've set everything up according to their guide here but nothing is able to compile, even the nds examples. devkitpro folder: devkitarm folder: libnds folder...
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