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    What Genre(s) of Music Are Thes?e I know that they're sountracks and orchestral as well (I think) but can you be more specific please?
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    Advice on Buying a Record Player

    Hey. Right, recently I've really been getting into listening to vinyls and stuff like that, and so I've been thinking about buying a record player or turntable for myself. Unfortunately, my self proclaimed title of 'music lover' really doesn't reflect my knowledge on record players, and so, I...
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    Can you help me identify this song?

    It's a song by Madlib, no idea what the track name is, though. The first few lines are: I used to wake up in the morning and listen to old records early in the 80s Before most ******s were shady I can't make out the next lines sadly
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    Hacking Downgrade IOS and No Update?

    I was wondering if I could downgrade an IOS (IOS35) to restore the trucha bug and also make it possible for games that need IOS updates to not ask for the update? Everytime I downgrade IOS35 and try to run a game that usually asks for an IOS update if you don't have the newest version/needed...
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    Gaming Anyone Successfully Fixed the 'Red Ring of Death'?

    After two years, my XBOX 360 finally managed to get the 'RRoD'. I can't bear to see all that money wasted and it just lying over there with no purpose. I'm planning on fixing it using one of the numerous guides on the internet (by searching on Google) or YouTube. My question is; has anyone...
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    Gaming WinRAR Iso Extract Problem

    I downloaded MadWorld which is in a 'rar' file. I opened the 'rar' file and there is a file called 'MADWORLD(compress).iso' which has file type of 'WinRAR Archive'. I tried extracting it but when it reaches 100%, it says "unable to extract could not read file type" and when I try to drag the...
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    Hacking PatchMii on Wii System Menu 4.0

    I have a modded Wii on System Menu 4.0 and have DVDX installed (through BannerBomb and the HackMii Installer). I need to use PatchMii to make DVDX work on my Wii but Wiis with system menu 3.4 or higher have a "dummy" IOS254 installed that blocks PatchMii. So, is there a way around it? Can I just...
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    Hacking Wii Disc Updates Question

    I have a few questions about the updates the Wii asks for when you insert some games in the Wii and try to run them. 1. I've heard that updating the System Menu from a game that is from another region; 'semi-bricks' you Wii. But the update that that I'm being asked from the disc is to install...
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    Hardware Wii asking for update on System Menu 4.0?

    I have a modded Wii which is on System Menu 4.0E and I put in Super Smash Brothers Brawl (original) and the Wii asked for an upgrade. I then put in Okami (original) and Super Mario Galaxy (burned) and the same thing happend for both of them (I put in WarioWare Smooth Moves (burned) after that...
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    Best/Favourite N64 Games

    Hey guys, I was remembering the good old days of gaming and couldn't keep my mind off the amazing Nintendo 64 and all the awesome games it had. So, I wanted to see what everyone's top 5 games of it are. So, post your games in order order of 1 to 5 in a list and if you want give a reason for why...
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    Hacking Homebrew Channel Bubbles Problem

    I installed Homebrew Channel and DVDX successfully through BannerBomb and BootMii on my 4.0E Wii. Now, when I run the Homebrew Channel it only shows bubbles and this little icon on the bottom right of the screen keeps flashing. I've put all my applications in a folder called apps (which is on...
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    Hacking cIOS Rev7 and Rev10 Question

    I have a 4.0E Wii and have Homebrew Channel and DVDX installed on it (via BannerBomb and BootMii). I now want to install WAD Manager so I'm going to follow this guide (scroll down a little) which will install cIOS Rev7. But then I looked at the cIOS Rev's changelog and saw that on Rev10's...
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    Homebrew WAD Installer/Manager on Wii System Menu 4.0

    Can you install any version of the WAD Manager or WAD Installer on a Wii with System Menu 4.0? What I mean is that can you install it the normal way; by putting the 'boot.elf'/'boot.dol' in a folder in the SD Card and creating a folder called 'wad' and putting all the WADs in that and launching...
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    Hacking SuperCard DSOne GUI/Menu on DSTT?

    Anyone know how to run the SuperCard DSOne GUI/menu on the DSTT? It's definitely possible. Here's a video of Proof posted by someone but I have no idea how to actually do this. This website also states that it is possible to do this. Any answers would...
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    Hacking DSTT MicroSD Card

    I recently got a 4GB MicroSD Card and decided to format it because I had a lot of unnecessary files in it. After I formatted it, I put it in my DSTT and saw that the whole thing had slowed down a lot. Now, it takes a lot of time to scroll down in the TTMenu and also takes a lot of time to go in...
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    Hacking Moonshell 2.0 Beta 10 DSTT

    I know that in previous versions of Moonshell, you couldn't soft reset it to the DSTT main menu. But now that the new version is out, can you? Also, does someone know if you can soft reset lmp-ng (iPod DS)? Thanks
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