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  1. Sir-Fritz

    Site been hacked?

    So i just got some email from costello (who i now know his real name ) saying gbatemp has been hacked and my pass was stolen. How did this happen and do we get compensation ? Also more importantly did this happen or is this some sick hoax
  2. Sir-Fritz

    Gbatemp portal gba release list broken.

    If you go to the gba tab of the new scene releases section of the home page, if you click any of the gbatemp recommends new items then it doesnt ever load the news up.
  3. Sir-Fritz

    The real frog pony?

    A friend of mine recently found a pic of a real frog pony. I think the frog we have here is fraud!!! discuss
  4. Sir-Fritz

    OMG EOF sighting

    I randomly decided to watch some of my vast flash video collection and i noticed something. EOF was in (several) scenes in Jimmy Two hats ep 1. See for your self here
  5. Sir-Fritz

    Fix the damn search thing.

    ARGH the stupid search button (the one at the top of the page near the wiki button) is still as pathetic as always. It seems to think almost all words that are entered have less than 4 letters such as the phrase "hadrian vvoltz". This needs to be fixed pronto so that searching the forum...
  6. Sir-Fritz

    Hacking The lack of wii development

    I dont know about anyone else but their hasnt been many (if any) wii hacking advancements in the past month or two, ever since bushing (or whoever) stopped feeding information to wanninkoko. What happand to all the wii softmod ideas and crap that were floating around here?
  7. Sir-Fritz

    Decent FREE Dvd vid ripper.

    As most of you probably know, the gbatemp search function doesnt like the words dvd and rip so yeah... I want a dvd ripper program that is freeware and is easy to use. Something that i can just select the dvd title/chapter that i want and it will rip and convert to a format of my choice. It...
  8. Sir-Fritz

    How the great game franchises shall end?

    In generations to come what shall happen to all the great video game franchise? I'm not thinking the games with only a few sequels, but ones like Mario, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Zelda etc that have a huge amount of games. Whats your opinion on the matter? 1. Name a franchise 2. How far in...
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