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    Hacking Discussion Is there anybody working on XCI loading like SX does?

    I keep seeing a lot of threads that talk about NSPs and how they’re good/bad. I personally want to stay away from installing my gamecarts as NSPs because I haven’t been banned yet and there is a lot of evidence that installing them would get you banned rather quickly. So, I was wondering if...
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    Hacking Discussion Is it possible to change the payload on the SX dongle?

    I was wondering if it was possible to change the payload on the SX dongle. I plugged it into the computer using the micro usb port and it showed up as a serial device. Is there anyone that would be able to reverse engineer it and load a new payload?
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    ROM Hack Discussion Doom Save Editor

    I got Doom yesterday and after extensive searching, I wasn't able to find a save editor for it. So, I figured I would move my happy ass into the kitchen and make one myself. I extracted the save using Checkpoint and popped it into a hex editor and started searching for values (health, ammo...
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