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    Hardware Hardware modding question (Gamecube Controller)

    so, i've got one of those 3rd party gamecube usb controllers, as well as a somewhat recently made regular controller. the 3rd party usb controller has digital L/R buttons, rather than analog. i took apart the original controller and looked on the board, noticing some of the wires are labeled for...
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    Hacking HFW and hard drive swap

    so, i just got a PS3 the other day, and by the look of it HFW is my choice. at the same time, i wanna upgrade the storage (going from 120 HDD to 1TB SSD). but with how the system is, i need a firmware update to install to the new storage medium. is it safe to install HFW to what i have now and...
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    Hardware vWii compatible Gamecube Controllers

    so i recently got another Wii U, got my hacking done and it's up and running. but i've got a question for controllers to use on gamecube games. i know in the past i just used a usb connected Dualshock 4, but this time i wanted to look into getting a GC style controller. the only ones i can...
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    Hacking Screenshot unblocker?

    Ok so working on Danganronpa V3, and i tried taking a screenshot during a class trial. Only to have the message that i can't take screenshots, likely to prevent spoilers. Is there a plugin or henkaku setting to disable that?
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    ROM Hack Question Save Editing (Hyrule Warriors)

    so i remember back on Wii U there was a trainer, and eventually a save editor for Hyrule Warriors. i just got my save backed up with Checkpoint, and was curious if anyone's gotten around to possibly using these backups in the same way as the Wii U saves. essentially putting in all materials and...
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    Hacking getting started, need help

    ok, so i got my switch into RCM with foil method, now i'm ready to put atmosphere onto an sd card. i got one of the official branded microsd cards, put it into my laptop and now it's not showing up in windows. minitool partition reads it as exfat format (which i assume is switch default). i have...
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    Homebrew Checkpoint saves not appearing

    i just got my system back from the Big N after sending it in for repairs. before that i backed up all my saves, and have them copied back to the sd card. but now i'm booting up checkpoint, and it doesn't see my backups anymore. i tried running one game to create a save file, but even that isn't...
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    Hardware N2DSXL Screen Cracked

    so i just opened my system up, decided to play something and i notice my top screen is cracked, with several dead pixels. the only explanation i can think of is having the switch stacked on top of it, and the weight. i really don't want to buy a new system, and it's fairly new and should still...
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    Hacking about to order a flashcart

    so looking at nds-card's website, it gives me choices of how to ship it. i assume others use the standard HK air mail and still recieved it in the US? or is the express mail the only one to get it stateside?
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    Hacking New System, what do?

    So just bought a N3DSXL, not realizing it shipped with 11.5 now. I think i'll return it for a N2DSXL because cheaper. Either way, it seems i'd need a flashcart to hack it at this point. I saw one has the advantage of still using DS roms after flashing and the other doesn't. So wanted to ask...
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    Hacking Prime Trilogy Help

    been working on the games, finished Prime 1 and 2, but now i get the old black screen freeze when i try to load Prime 3. any issues i look up seem to link to Wii cIOS solutions, primarily on Wii. i'm pretty sure my settings are the usual beta53/alt-53 installed at 249 and 250. if there's...
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    Hacking 3.63 games on 3.60

    with psn back, i just attempted a download for Salt and Sanctuary. as i expected, it spat out an error that meant "update to 3.63". i thought i heard about maidump getting an update for doing 3.63 games, but haven't confirmed. is this possible, or was that just a rumor i heard?
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    Hacking WiiSX question

    found the app, since my friend wanted a PS1 emulator (we're kinda planning on getting him a PS2 and softmodding it). i mentioned to him about this emulator and trying it out before i put it on his system. i found a page with several mod versions that have added features (usb 2.0, usb port 0 and...
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    Homebrew LCFW Option?

    given that i'm doing this on my friend's console, and still very new to the scene, i'm scared of bricking his system and owing him recompense for it. back in the day when the psp scene came back, we had access to LCFWs, which would run homebrew/isos, but the code to execute that disappears by...
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    Hacking Ripping a Wii game on Wiiflow

    i'm having difficulties trying to get this to work. i want to get Skyward Sword backed up on my hard drive, i think i'm on latest version of Wiiflow (beta 4.2.2-r1076). any time i try to rip the game through wiiflow, the installation runs for about 5 seconds and says completed, only thing...
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    Hacking PyGecko over mobile wifi (android)?

    managed to get PyGecko to launch through on my mobile wifi. but it seems my computer can't connect to my Wii U's ip address. i'm using the Hyrule Warriors trainer, and it can't seem to find the ip address, even though it matches up
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    PS1/2 question about the usb y cable

    i recently got an external hard drive, was originally gonna use it for my Wii U, but the hard drive won't even power up. tested with a friend's usb y cable, and it works, so i got one ordered on the way. in the meantime, i'm using the hard drive for PS2 backups, since ESR won't work anymore. as...
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    Gaming question about the eshop

    i'm browsing the eshop through my web browser. did a narrow search results to Wii U titles only, and i'm seeing some 3DS/DS titles listed (Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, i think i saw Phoenix Wright a few months back). are these titles converted to work on Wii U, or just using it as a...
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    Hacking Stuck on Wiiflow

    i just recently got a friend's Wii U softmodded, and started getting homebrews/loaders installed, but now i'm stuck. i can't seem to get wiiflow to boot any wii games. i've ran through numerous tutorials doing just about anything i can find, but it won't work here's my situation. the version of...
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