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  1. flashmanx

    Hacking Very. 3.73 no worky

    So tomorrow which she witchcrafty launches. I wanted to legitimately purchase it. In order for me to do that I had to upgrade to 3.73. I googled everything I read about it said it was safe. It says h-encore 2 launches faster than ever. Henkaku says it's successful it exits properly. But then...
  2. flashmanx

    Hacking psn not showing games?

    original vita 6.69 hen last new game is deep space rush. I want to purchase romancing saga 3 but my vita won't show it. can I fix that?
  3. flashmanx

    Hacking p4 golden black screen and musou stars

    vita 3.69 henkau everything works 100% fine but only p4 golden or p4 golden undubbed both boot to black screen and musou stars I followed tech james video but the translation wont take. also fyi I found out for some reason the repatch plugin causes my vita to restart on henkau when it goes to...
  4. flashmanx

    Hacking pkgj not showing games

    sooooo i went one by one youtubing every game in pkgj as I watched wrestling and made a note of games I might want. Now on psn I'm seeing a bunch of things like super box land demake or a hole new world of devious dungeon 2 or mekabolt .............. so why does it no show a bunch of games?
  5. flashmanx

    Hacking 3.73 help please

    ok so I kept getting update downloaded over and over and over and over so I googled and said it was safe to update. So I did. Now h encore 2 says success but all my apps and games say corrupt even games I bought from psn. what do I do please? delete and reinstall everything? is there a proper...
  6. flashmanx

    Hacking Losing mind so confusing?

    ok So i bought a 32 gb wii u for 50 bucks. I have a 32 gb sd card and I read had to be fat32 1 tb formatted external wd drive. I used the browser exploit to run homebrew mocha etc. Got wup installer gx I been reading watching youtube etc. Loadline I read outdated but everything is loadline...
  7. flashmanx

    Gaming Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 wiiu vc ?

    No I'm not posting in the wrong section. I'm here to ask is there a way to get the wiiu version of this game playable in a vc gba inject? I watched a remake rebreak youtube thing and he said the e reader had 38 more levels and theres a patch rom out there if you search I didn't find that but I...
  8. flashmanx

    Gaming megaman 8 psx help

    omg i have played and beaten 1-7 mm and now I'm on 8 but that stupid skateboard level on wily level 1 please one of you amazing wonderful people can you please just get me to wily level 2 and upload the save file. I did it 1 time on my last life and died on the boss.
  9. flashmanx

    Hacking re titling game save?

    I lost my almost complete save file for dk returns I found save game manager and a 100% complete save file. Problem is the save file I found is named dk counrty returns and the save file the game create is dkc returns. is there anyway to make them match so I can install it and go back to where I...
  10. flashmanx

    Hacking losing my mind

    can i format my system memory and still run my homebrew launcher and usb gx and wads from my sd card etc because when I boot my wii it says system memory full brings me to the data managment. then it freezezs when i try to load the channel area to delete a channel
  11. flashmanx

    Homebrew please help neo geo gba emulation

    I have new 3ds i followed the hacking guide everything is awesome however not awsome is emualting neo geo and gba I have the retroarch latest cia files and have googled and youtubed. I'm about to give up please help me The only gba emulator i can get to work is mgba but all the games seems to...
  12. flashmanx

    Hacking booting recovery mode without hold r

    ok no one helped in my last thread but i might be on to something. I followed youtube videos and this one where a guy said to run 6.60 pro fix. He said that you have to basically run pro 6.60 update everytime you boot up. so if that lets me play my iso psp games I'm fine with that. I looked into...
  13. flashmanx

    Hacking suddenly iso files not reading

    I was almost done with ff2 and god of war ghost of sparta. I put it down yesterday. I didn't drop it. I didn't do anything funny or store in in a weird place. I just picked it up to play more ff2. But none of the iso on my original phat psp says version software 6.60 won't load. The emulators...
  14. flashmanx

    Hacking wii printing

    is it at all possible to hack a printer to a wii to print off of the opera browser? My underaged daughter ran off with her 21 year old bf. She set these meetings up through a yahoomail acct thats left signed in on the wii. I have no password so only access I have to the conversations are on wii...
  15. flashmanx

    nook color

    I found a great review on youtube and now I must have a nook color I want to know from people who have one how it is using calibre I have been making some fanfics which are saved as txt files into epub format with covers and some cbr comics into epub I can load these onto the nook color and...
  16. flashmanx

    Hacking what am I doing wrong

    I have a softmodded wii at firmware 4.3 I came across a 4.3 softmodd guide and tried it out using brawl. Using wii backup manager to convert wbfs files to isos to burn. I use img burner at speed 4x and have successfully gotten wiiware and vc to run off a sd card. Burned dk returns, epic mickey...
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