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  1. miss_nakano

    Hacking Anyway to have multiple reboot to payloads?

    Actually, I like reboot to payload -->hekate menu especially to use USB tools! but there are times when I just want it to reboot directly to atmosphere. So, is it possible to have: reboot to payload number one to hekate and reboot number two to atmosphere? Or can hekate be set to work on tv...
  2. miss_nakano

    Hacking Is there a way to transfer files to computer without removing sd card?

    I am really afraid of ruining my micro sd slot which would be permanent damage and render the switch pratically unusable. Lately, I've been modding a lot with acnh, fe3h etc and those need to transfers files a lot between switch and computer.. Thanks!
  3. miss_nakano

    Hacking How do you reboot to hekate? And several other questions.

    Its been a while since I played my switch. I've just updated the firmware, ams, hekate, etc to the latest version by doing fresh install(deleted almost all old config files). For some reason, when I reboot to payloads, the switch seems to reboot to ams immediately whereas before I did these...
  4. miss_nakano

    Hacking Please help! my switch is acting up. It will turn off by itself.

    The last time I played my switch was 2 months ago. At the time it was totally fine, I used it docked and mostly used sleep mode.Then, I decided to stop playing for some times and shelfed it. Battery was around 80% when I turn it off. It was in auto rcm. Now, when I tried to turn it on with my...
  5. miss_nakano

    Hacking Best way to get linked account on CFW

    My switch is on 8.1.0. There are games that force me to have linked account. My switch is mostly offline. Is there some way to link account on 8.1.0?
  6. miss_nakano

    Hacking Many newbie questions, please help me

    So, I bought a pre-hacked switch. Actually It was a new switch that was immediately hacked after I chose the unpatched switch I wanted(the seller demanded he hacked it for his extra income and so that I wouldnt ruin the switch myself, which is not bad of a reason). He put the most convenient...
  7. miss_nakano

    Hacking Totally new to switch hacking, have questions.

    So, I just bought prehacked switch few days ago. Usually, I hack my devices(3ds/vita) myself using guides and guidance from fellow posters from gbatemp(3ds/vita) section. This time, under certain circumtances I had to buy a prehacked one..and i am somewhat afraid to do anything with it.. I am...
  8. miss_nakano

    Hacking New to vita hacking, sd2vita question.

    Hi, I am new to vita hacking scene(I'm from 3ds hacking scene)! I've just hacked my 3.60 vita 1000 with perma-enso, I also have installed vitashell 1.98. I have a few question..particularly about sd2vita and storage. 1)I have 200gb sandisk, should it be formatted to fat32/exfat(3ds use...
  9. miss_nakano

    Hacking Can anyone help with steps on creating emunand for GW?

    My current situation is: luma 8.1 b9s 11.6J sysnand with no emunand. I'd like to create an emunand for GW but What/how should I use to create the emunand(really confused). thanks.
  10. miss_nakano

    Hacking Help! after trying to run Decrpyt9, now my Godmode9 doesn't work when with start+boot!

    I want to decrypt a rom, so I put decrypt9.bin and rename it as start_D9. When I try booting it. Neither D9 AND Godmode9 work at all with start! NOW even after I delete D9, my godmode9 does not work anymore! While I'm at it, can anyone tell me how to run D9 and decrypt a rom?thanks!
  11. miss_nakano

    Hacking I need help to solve 2 problem: Luma3ds CFW location and restore my health and safety.

    So I did the CFW a while ago and now at luma 8.1 and b9s 1.2. I have forgotten many things about CFW. My situation and question is: 1)My luma CFW 8.1 is not installed on SDcard but NAND. I want to update to 8.1.1 permanently to NAND(I want SDless 8.1.1), where exactly do I copy the boot.firm...
  12. miss_nakano

    Hacking Region changing, ban, and several questions.

    My n3dsxl is a japanese one. I already have 1.2 b9s and luma 8.1. For around 1 week, I still cant decide what to do with this console regarding its region. My questions are: 1)banwave, I heard that playing out of region game online will get you a ban. I will most likely play US games on my 3ds...
  13. miss_nakano

    Hacking Just installed b9s and luma 8.1, have several questions.

    I currently has luma 8.1 and b9s. I have bbm replacing health. My questions: 1)I would like to system format it for some reason, is it okay to do this?what will I lose?Will I lose bbm/luma 8.1/health bbm? 2)I want to upgrade to 128gb msd(currently using 8gb). I heard it is problematic with...
  14. miss_nakano

    Hacking Dsiwarehax question possibility.

    I currently have 2 3ds. 1 USA OLD 3ds XL with al9h(first version) and luma(old version) sitting at firmware 10.0 the other one is a japanese new 3ds xl at 11.4. I want to ask if it's possible to do dsiwarehax with these two. If I change the region of the USA old 3ds xl to JAP, and then buy the...
  15. miss_nakano

    Hacking Can I brick trying to update my al9h?

    So, I've been using al9h pre 7 october..everything works fine and perfect on my n3ds xl. Do you think it's worth it trying to update al9h to v4 and take the risk again?is it like installing al9h all over again with brick risk? thank you.
  16. miss_nakano

    Hacking Gateway and N3DS CPU Plugin

    Is it possible to boost cpu clock(like Luma) in GW mode? Currently, I can only boost my games of CIA form(Luma3ds) but have no way of doing so in GW mode, as I really want to have to cpu boost to apply on GW ROMS. Anyone know how to play roms with n3ds cpu boost? thanks.
  17. miss_nakano

    Hacking luma3ds cpu clock speed option and Gateway Mode

    Luma3ds has option to improve cpu clock speed+cache for new 3ds..if we tick on the option in the configouration. My question is..if I ticked it, but boot to GW(GW mode) during start up, will the cpu increase apply in GW mode(like while I'm playing .3ds using flashcart) or just in luma? how can I...
  18. miss_nakano

    Hacking First time ever updating luma, need confirmation regarding updating..

    I've always used GW all the time before until early September when finally switching to Luma+al9h. Few days ago Luma is updated on github-->now 6.37. I need to know what is the best and safe way to update it because it's my first time ever updating a CFW(used to use GW and it was very easy...
  19. miss_nakano

    Hacking Changing SD card(Luma 3ds+al9h)

    If I want to change SD I just copy everything to new SD card and everything will work?or do I need to do something else?will the nintendo 3ds folder work? thanks.
  20. miss_nakano

    Hacking Please help! savedatafiler import failure!

    So, I was trying to import all my saves from previous set up before al9h.. out of all games, only 3 cannot be successfully imported. Failed games are: -smash bros usa -mario tennis usa -animal crossing usa all these 3 have these failure message: level: -7 summary: 4 module: 17 desc: 141 what...
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