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  1. demon33

    Just repaired my xecuter2 tsop xbox, do I need to update ?

    Long story short, I have a xbox v1.0 with tsop xecuter2 bios (512mb cause I used a switch for dual boot) & I just fixed it. I want to install emustation on it. For now I have a 250 gig hdd but I want to put a bigger ssd later. The big question is, should I flash my bios for a better one ? Will...
  2. demon33

    PS1/2 What can I do with my old phat ps2 dms4 pro modchip ?

    is there a software like media center ? I did look at my ps2 in years & want to take the dust of ....
  3. demon33

    Diablo 3 open beta :)

    Diablo open beta about 3 to 4 gig download if you want it :
  4. demon33

    Hacking wii serial number ?

    My wii as a custum case & don't have the serial number under it.... is there an app that give me the serial number ? syscheck maybe ?
  5. demon33

    Hacking games don't load n-e-more from sd card on 4.3

    what is the safest & easyest way to get sd card menu working again in 4.3 ??
  6. demon33

    Hardware channel creator for fat32 drive ?

    I used crap before but now it give me an error since my drive is fat32 ?! is it supposed to work with fat32 n-e other apps I could use ? thkx
  7. demon33

    Hacking Game run before , now doesnt

    I have a very 1st wii, started with 3.2U now on 4.3U sterted way back with cios 14 now with cios 20 I have played some games before (boom block party is an example) that used to work well, but somewhere along the way it seems to have stopped working... I have cfg loader with a wbfs drive...
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