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  1. pandabare101

    Hardware Upgrading The Hard Drive In A Backwards Compatible PS3.

    Hi guys! I recently purchased a PS2 backwards compatible PS3 off of ebay, model # CECHE01. It's 60GB and I was looking to upgrade the hard drive in it. Would this affect it playing PS2 games at all? I don't want to upgrade it if I can't play PS2 games afterwards.
  2. pandabare101

    Hacking Is Super Slim PS3 Hackable?

    PlayStation 3 500GB Red Console Super Slim CECH-4001C. Latest firmware. Is it hackable? Am I able to download PS1 & PS2 isos on it? My PS2 is shot and I don't really want to spend the money to buy another one or buy the fat PS3 with backwards compatibility.
  3. pandabare101

    Hacking System Update on Custom Firmware?

    Is it safe to update a 3ds on custom firmware? I’ve been playing Ultra Sun and want to redeem a mystery gift but I need to do a system update.
  4. pandabare101

    Homebrew With freeshop downloaded should I sell my physical copies?

    what are the chances of freeshop going down or the games deleted. I’m pretty short on cash and I have bills to pay. Do you think it’s safe to get rid of my games? I downloaded all of the ones I have on eshop. I just don’t want to sell my games and then have the buy the games again if the...
  5. pandabare101

    Homebrew Custom Ace Attorney Themes?

    Does anyone know where I can find some custom themes of Ace Attorney?
  6. pandabare101

    Homebrew Can you back up games downloaded from freeshop?

    i have about 20 games download from the freeshop and I was wondering if there’s a way that I can save them so I always have them. Like if I got a new 3ds and wanted to do a system transfer or if I wanted to switch sd cards how can I ensure I will always have access to those games? Do I have to...
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