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  1. gallymimu

    Tutorial [Tutorial] ANOTHER Magnetic Reed Switch RCM Installation

    [TUTORIAL] [MOD] RCM mode with just a magnet (maghax). No visible changes to the Switch or Joycon!!! v1.7 2018-06-28 Please post any improvements or clarifications you'd like to see. If this passes muster, Mods can move it to the tutorials forum if appropriate...
  2. gallymimu

    Hacking PSA - Why the jigs are a bad idea

    Personally I think the jigs are a very bad idea and people are likely to have pin connection problems with the joycon down the road as the pins are over stressed and the plating is damaged due to fretting and scratching by materials like steel (paper clip). The pins in the switch are likely...
  3. gallymimu

    Hacking QQ3DS purchase experience, 3DSFlash-cart and USAHotStuff Review

    I just wanted to share experiences buying the qq3ds so other shoppers could consider this when buying. On Sept 9th I decided to get a QQ3ds. so I went to the QQ3ds main site and used their "where to buy" page. I narrowed things down to USAHotStuff. They were listed as "US based" and their...
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