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  1. oji

    Hacking Captain Rainbow's translated script

    Sad but true, Team Kirameki has abandoned their project of the Captain Rainbow translation. But there're a good news too, now (ok, not now but from the end of the January '16) we have access to their script translation. Maybe in a one day someone will try to put it into the game itself.
  2. oji

    Hardware vWii HDD spindown

    Hello, I've a weird problem arisen a while ago. When I turn on my Wii U the USB HDD (Ustealthed) attached to it is spinning down after a couple of minutes while it's setting are set to never do it. This never happened before, disk also isn't stopping if I connect it only after a vWii mode is...
  3. oji

    Hardware Any way to use GC-port mats on a Wii U / Wii Family Edition?

    I have both the Wii (with a GC ports) & the Wii U game consoles so I wish to pack the first one in a box & put it on a shelf. But I really love to play Active Life (aka Family Trainer) series as well as a DDR titles. They both are use a specific game controllers - dance mats connected using a GC...
  4. oji

    Gaming Rock Band 2 DLC NAND / SD issue

    Every time i start Rock Band 2 it asks me to copy all DLCs from the NAND to the SD card. I want to store DLCs only in the NAND and if i choose wrong option i have to restart the whole game or even to clean SD's "private" folder. Is there any way to suppress this message?
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