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    Hacking n3ds won't start up. Just blinks blue for one second.

    I have been following this guide to downgrade my o3ds to 2.1 ( and got stuck at section V. But now it has a soft brick. When I want to turn it on it blinks blue for a second and does nothing. I followed this guide to repair () and got the...
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    Gaming Dr Lautrec

    I am stuck in Dr. Lautrec and the forgotten knights where I have to find the entrance of the hidden underground. I use the view with the goggles, but I just don't know how to find the fleur-de-lis. I understand that that's what I have to look for. Can anybody give me a hint?
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    Hacking Cheats for DSTWO

    Is there a tutorial for making cheats for DSTWO? I want to use a cheat that isn't in the urseat.dat found on the download site. I know I can use the ingame-menu to make my own cheats, but I don't know how.
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    Hacking Akaio 1.8.1 + fifa 2011

    My neighbour has a DSi and an Acecard 2i. He has Akaio 1.8.1 installed on it, and whenever he wants to play Fifa 2011 everything freezes. Does anybody know why? He already tried another version of the game, but that didn't help.
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    Gaming Mario vs Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem is scrambled

    I have the above game installed on my SCDSTWO and it does play, but both Mario and Donkey Kong are both scrambled. The rest of the screen is fine. Does anybody know why this is? I already tried newer firmware, but that didn't help.
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    Gaming Mystery Tales Time Travel

    I tried to find this game in all the resources I have, but I cannot find it! Does anybody know the number of this game? It is for sale, so it has to have a number right?
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    Homebrew VOB and dpgenc.exe

    I want to convert a VOB movie, (dpgenc.exe) can do this, I checked that, but when I open the movie there's so much VOB files! Which one should I take to see the entire movie or do I have to convert all of them?
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    Hacking M3 gba saves on DStwo + hot key

    Is there a way to play m3 real gba saves on the gba emu? They won't work for me. I think I have to start over again. Can you change the hot key in the gba emu? I did change the nds one, but I couldn't find a similar way to change the gba hot key.
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    Hacking M3 Gba Extension pack

    I have M3 Real with gba extension pack, but i don't like the m3. I don't like the software that comes with the card. So, i tried Sakura which is an improvement. But, none of the Mario games work! So my question is: 1) is there another card/software that can be combined with my gba extension? 2)...
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    Gaming Yoshi's Universal Gravitation + M3

    I'm using my M3 DS Real + GBA expansion pack to play GBA games, but for some reason I can't play Yoshi's Universal Gravitation (Topsy Turvy). The game does play exept for the "turning" part. Does anyone know why? Or can I only play the original cartridge because of an extra feature the backup...
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    Gaming Undoing cheats

    I recently installed cheats because I was so stuck in a game. So I enabled more lifes. But I just want to get past that and then undo the cheats. Do I get my original amount of lifes back or do I have to start at zero lifes again?
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    Gaming Mario & Luigi 3 save

    Hi, i'm looking for the save file from Mario & Luigi 3 just after Alpha Kretin is beaten. I lost the save I checked the download section, and i found a save about 20% of the game, i don't know if that is about the point where i was, because i don't know how to "watch this file". Nothing...
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    Hacking Homebrew on M3 DS Real Perfect Bundle

    I bought the M3 DS Real Perfect Bundle Version last week, and tried to run homebrew on it. I downloaded some games, put it on the card in the system folder (this may have been wrong?) and tried to play. But all I get is a black screen that says "DLDI compatible" and "loading", but nothing...
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    ROM Hack Mahjong homebrew for gba

    Does anybody know a mahjong game in homebrew for the gba? Or else a mahjong free game? I searched on mahjong, but there may be another name for the game. Thanks
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    Save games on GB smart 32M

    I'm thinking of buying a Gameboy Transferer with GB smart 32M cart to store my gbc games. The only thing is, it only saves the last game. Does anybody have some advice on what to do so I can save more than one game?
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    Flash linker shop

    Hello, I want to now if anybody can recommend me a good flash linker and card for my gba sp, and where to buy it. I've been searching the internet, and all I could find was stuff nobody sells anymore. I want to play gbc games on the card also. I'm very curieus if there still is stuff like that...
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    Hardware GBATA for dummies

    I have a EZ V with 3 in 1 expansion card, and I am told I can use GBATA best to put my roms on my card. But my English isn't that well and now I don't now which items I have to use in GBATA. I also want to soft reset instead of the hard way, so should I then use the reboot tab? Thanks to anyone...
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    Hacking EZ4 Client

    I want to change the reset key in EZ 4 Client, and finally found out I can change this with the following file: ez4para.ini I have found this file but now I have no clue what to do with it. Is there anyone who can tell me what to do? Thanks in advance.
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