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    Gaming Gears of War 2 announced!

    I'll wait for the PC version.
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    Xbox 360 gets the RRoD at GDC

    So, for those of you who don't know, currently on-going is GDC (Game Developers Conference) in SF and apparently one of the 360 demo units got the RRoD during the event, which I find pretty amusing.
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    Wii are sold out

    Found on while bored at work:
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    Mass Effect coming to PCs

    Also, according to a dev post in the Bioware forums, the recently announced DLC will be incorporated into the PC version. Screw paying for it on Xbox Live.
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    Mass Effect coming to PCs

    I'm kind of curious to see what modders will be able do with this one... (or am I?)
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    Mass Effect coming to PCs

    As the topic title says... At last we'll be able to experience the game without having the frame rate drop to 15 fps in every firefight with more than four enemies on screen. *throws eggs at cubin'*
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    Global Warming

    Fact. However, that doesn't mean you should automatically believe anything coming out of thinktanks like Greenpeace as they stand to benefit from blowing it up into this enormous threat - it gives them power on the political plane, something they like (just take one look at their history for...
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    Hardware I think I ruined a graphics card

    Forget what I posted, I didn't read your posts properly and missed out on some (vital) info. Note to anyone who might be reading: this is what you get for having a short attention span.
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    Hardware I think I ruined a graphics card

    If there's no reaction whatsoever, I'd start troubleshooting the motherboard - your old PSU might have killed it.
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    Does anybody even play the old Xbox anymore?

    I use it to run XBMC every now and then. However, as soon as I get myself an HD set, a proper HTPC is going to replace it.
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    Tired of reviewer bullcrap.

    All console versions of games based on the Source engine run at 30 fps. They run at 60 fps on PC however.
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    Tales of Vesperia

    I liked Phantasia, but I think a lot of that came from the horrendously over-the-top fan translation that poked fun of itself (pretentiousness and JRPGs normally go hand in hand). Symphonia was pretty meh. And if this is in the same vain as that there's no chance of me ever touching it. Also...
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    PS1/2 PSX: Essentials

    Don't. Do yourself a favor and play the SNES version instead. The PSX version of Chrono Trigger is just plodding, slow pain with loading screens at every turn. Also, to be somewhat on-topic, the only PSX game off the top of my head (save a few shooters which no one would want to play save shmup...
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    Whats on your desk?

    22" widescreen Samsung LCD 17" Eizo LCD 17" LG LCD Logitech MX300 mouse Logitech MX518 mouse Two SGI granite keyboards circa '95 (keyboards nowadays are flimsy) Kingston card reader 10+ empty Jolt cans
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    Favorite songs?

    Tactical Sekt - Burn Process EP - the hanging garden
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    Gaming Take Two Knows Nothing

    Rockstar (read: Take Two - I believe most people think 'Rockstar' when they hear 'Take Two') are kind of akin to George Lucas; just like Lucas has clearly proven he can't direct (the prequel trilogy), Rockstar have proven they can't make games as everything they've been involved in besides GTA...
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    Gaming Official PLAYSTATION PORTABLE Discussion Thread

    Semi-OT: Isn't it pretty pointless to have an "official PSP thread" when there's an entire forum section dedicated to it? I'd understand it had there only been a single "other handhelds"-section like before, but... (I'm assuming this thread was created to spout about a variety of PSP-related...
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    Most overrated game of 2007

    Agreed. For being pretty dumb ultra-linear FPSes the Half-Life games sure do get a lot of praise. Don't get me wrong, I like them, but half of the time I feel like I'm attempting to figure out the mind of the guy who designed the level I'm playing rather than make my way through (and that's bad).
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    Most overrated game of 2007

    To follow up on this; it's not even the point of the topic. The idea is to state which games of 2007 you consider overrated (and perhaps why). Constructive discussion around this is fine, attempts to override someone's statement on a subjective basis isn't.
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